Paradigm Shift or Not?

Technology fueling Marketing

PM Community didn’t invent Relationship Marketing … but we could take some credit for pulling it into the twenty-first century. Local Channel Marketing(LCM) is unique and arguably better than predecessors in the field. This is largely due to its middle name and what it represents AND REALLY DOES!

The debate has already started in a few camps. There are some folks that criticize LCM as just a clever marketing scheme — that can’t work because it’s way too labor intensive and others who claim just the opposite: it’s just a buzzword that’s hollow in context and delivery. Interestingly, we don’t have to defend BASELESS assertions for the simple reason that they’re delivered by people who simply don’t know better! For sure, none are members of PM

In order to judge what LCM is and can (or can’t) do, it must be experienced firsthand. For this to happen, one must become a member. Hence, outsiders cannot render accurate proclamations—merely opinions about which they haven’t learned nor experienced the value add of our LCM.

The whole community is truly Client-Centric.

Before continuing, let’s again clarify things by stating that there are many terrific marketing venues available today. Happily, there are many new entries into the genre—virtually all technology driven—and many others fast fading in importance and relevance. (The problem here is that consumers often can’t tell the difference!) Sometimes certain “standby” types are so entrenched in the marketplace that they perpetuate themselves (continue to grab marketshare) by reputation only.

  • NO, we won’t name names here, but if you’ve read enough of our posts, you know who we’re talking about. Okay, these are the very ones bad-mouthing “newer” entries—in the hope of surviving a bit longer. For starters, think: netweaving not mere networking.
  • YES, we will give credit to others like Acquirent whose sales-outsourcing is among the best on the street today. As time permits, visit to read an excellent article via a firm that specializes in helping clients to outsource their sales function. The web is replete with other great venues deserving of attention. This said, finding value-added firms that focus on the SBM advisory community will be a challenge. We encourage all our members to search out more/better marketing support at all times. Effective marketing is a “contact sport” requiring constant diligence, whether you [have time to do it yourself] or you engage others to do it for you.

If you should detect by studying your personal ROI that one venue is draining resources instead of increasing your revenues (book of business), react accordingly and decisively! And, what if that means dropping membership in our community? Don’t think; do it! Folks, we do not have a lock on all-thing-marketing—maybe just a firm grasp on referral/relationship marketing that is vastly superior to other models we’ve studied. But tomorrow? Right. Tomorrow, if we’re not as strong on your measured ROI scale, and there are others with a better yield, you know what to do.

Summing up, if we do not perform as well as (and even better than) alternate venues, drop us like a hot tomato. If another resource really shows itself as better & cheaper, i.e.  higher demonstrated yield that costs less, we insist that you join them. The only remaining question for you would be whether to dump us at the same time. (Ouch!)

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