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More Community FAQs for Member-Candidates

Why restrict Concierge Marketing if it’s really ‘that’ good?

Members have debated this question since its predecessor Local Channel Marketing™ was introduced in 2007. The feeling has always been that since it took so long and cost so much to bring to market correctly, it should be ‘enjoyed’ by members-only and their personal recommendations. Most members consider it as a privilege … especially since it is opposite of lead generation. Where else could one go to get hand-delivered, exclusive interdiscipline referrals?  

Since you’re not an association, why do members run the show?

PMCommunity is a privately run Professional Marketing Organization that partners with its members to perform “transformative” marketing services–behind the scenes. We never have contact with members’ clients, only members participating in a Concierge Marketing project. This starts, on-demand, by one member with a SMB client in need and is completed when another member is matched as the precise Subject Matter Expert (SME) who can immediate fill the need.

Are all members considered Subject Matter Experts?

Yes, as qualified and vetted prior to admittance, all members are SMEs. In point of fact, they are registering as worthy candidates qualified to serve clients of all other members if/when the need arises…and they are matched by an assigned Community analyst. This means that of the few registered members available in the Local Area (Community Cluster), the “best available” to handle the project at hand is selected. She/he is interviewed and has affirmed availability.

Doesn’t the member get to choose who she/he connects with?

Of course. Members can always select whomever they think is best for their clients–whether another member or not. But when she/he doesn’t know anyone truly qualified & committed to act as a collaborating fiduciary, that’s when the Community is contacted to start a Concierge Marketing project. In other words, there is never any obligation to contact the Community, but when this happens, it’s always done ONLY when there is a pressing need or problem to solve.

Does the Community do anything else besides serve members?

The short answer is NO. PMCommunity.org has NO products or other services to tender except those that would benefit their members. This is clearly outline in the standard Community Marketing Agreement. The Community was founded in 2004 to provide value-added services which help members [1] to better serve EXISTING clients (first and foremost) and [2] to facilitate acquisition of NEW qualified clients in the form of an exclusive & direct referral of other Community members.

Who controls Community operations and governs activities of members?

The Community operates totally behind-the-scenes by performing agile project management transformative services. A marketing project would START every time a member reports that an SMB client needs outside (locally outsourced) help. The project would END when the reporting member is notified by the Community with the contact information of the precise, local Subject Matter Expert who is ready, willing & immediately available to serve. Governance falls to members themselves!

How are busy members suppose to “govern” themselves?

Busy professional-members.really do nothing except participate in Concierge Marketing whenever they want. There are no meetings, no weekly dues to pay, etc. The Community appoints certain members who volunteer to act as a County Coordinator (CC) to as a liaison locally–available to answer questions and help distribute referrals whenever called upon. Such CCs typically spend a few hours perhaps helping another member or, more likely, answering (email) questions of member-candidates.

Do members actually set their own marketing fees?

Once again the answer is YES. Every October, members complete a Survey that allows them to address all important matters that affect membership. They make recommendations; suggest new programs or modification to existing programs; speak to issues that concern them; and even vote on the next year’s marketing fees. The Community’s Executive Committee would review and decide all matters in favor of members’ consensus and sound business practices.

In summary, PM Community is a preferred marketing venue for qualifying inter-discipline professional members to better serve their clients and more easily acquire new ones. As mentioned governance consists of designated County Coordinators and, when appointed, State Directors who are charged with helping all County Coordinators in her/his state/province. For more info, please see our revised website. 

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