Email WAS the Killer App

Rest in Peace Email


If you spent a good deal of time online you already know that things keep getting worse, don’t you? Take email marketing. Is there a day that goes by without unwanted, unrequested and meaningless messages [SPAM by any other name] fill your inbox?

Before the calendar brought a new millennium EMAIL WAS THE KILLER APP. Businesses jumped on it with both feet. Office workers were forced to use Lotus Notes, Netscape or Outlook. Secondary and Personal accounts had AOL, Hotmail, Eudora, etc. Clearly, email was the new way to getting yourself heard—when the telephone wasn’t desired or fax machine appropriate.

EMAIL was the undisputed, de facto “Killer App” that was paradigm changer.

Of course, the world wide web went on to become the second greatest invention since sliced bread. Twenty years later, who could live without it? Like all good thing, however, people figured out ways to use it far beyond what Tim Berners-Lee ever imagined. And, the blackhats, the hackers, crackers and dispensers of malware grew right along side the good guys. But you know all this, don’t you.

Let’s talk about Professional Marketing, as in “PM” Community. Our members have enjoyed email marketing as much as the next guy. Who could have grown/survived without it? But, email as we know-and-use it is coming to an end. No, not tomorrow; but probably by the end of this decade (three & an half years away!) It likely won’t vanish but it will (be forced to) morph into something that is unlike anything you/we use today.

Soon we will be expose to what technology has wrought. Software engineers have figured out a way to “tag” every visitor to larger websites–capturing not only one’s IP address but also email address and other data no visitor would ever want exposed. Folks, this isn’t next year or by 2020. This is NOW as in it’s already going on!


Those who are current on such matters will know that it’s grown way beyond simple “breadcrums” and will be able to speak to “retargeting tags,” “retargeting clouds,” “trogan horse banners” and other stealth methodologies that were once the purview of cyber engineers & programmers working behind the scenes. Social media (all venues from Facebook & Twitter down to Pinterest & Snapchat) are prime targets for dubious marketers everywhere. And, we do mean everywhere, Europe, the Mid & Far East, India & beyond!

Nothing and no one is protected/secure/safe from exposure anymore.

The way retargeting now works is that you (as a visitor) don’t have to click on anything or tender your email, just by visiting a webpage that has opendns or an innocuous banner ad somewhere on the page (whether visible or not) will automatically capture your info. Shocking? Of course it is and a reason why really you cannot protect yourself enough online. Sure, Norton, Kapersky, McAfee et al are good as are Malwarebytes, Trend Micro, Comodo et al.

One small suggestion in an ocean of better advice & direction awaiting your next keyword search, invest a few dollars in your own VPN (Virtual Private Network). No, it won’t stop the more sophisticated bad guys but it may deter many others desperately trying to steal your identity & private info. Our personal preference this year is Private Internet Access service. There a ton of them out there, some free (be careful) and others what do different things. Is this a panacea? Not by a long shot! In conjunction with other protective software, you have a decent fighting chance.

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