Most Marketers Don’t Get It

The Business of Marketing is Overrun with Amateurs

Everyone knows that the Internet is responsible for spawning more so-called entrepreneurs than anything else in history. The are now untold millions of instant marketers clamoring for their piece of this multi-trillion dollar industry. And, it goes without saying that everyone of them is an expert! (Just ask them.)


Okay, we all have to start somewhere. So, this blog is not about ragging on newbies and small, one-person operations who happen to have chosen the marketing profession.

After all, our Community caters to one-man (woman) shops of all trade varieties, that is, professional service providers in North America. It’s who we are and what we do! Even the vast majority of our inside support staff are independent contractors.  (Proudly, they’re all from the USA.  (We don’t offshore anything. We don’t have to–there’s a surplus of identified talent from coast to coast.)

Getting back to marketing amateurs, this is a very easy business to get into. Way too easy! Little capital requirement; just throw up a URL today and off one goes. She/he can claim almost anything because there ‘s no watchdog or authority judging them–until  & unless someone lodges a formal complaint. Even then, unless it breaks a law (creates an actual tort), marketers can continue to do whatever they like to whomever they like. This means gobbling up as much revenue as possible for as long as possible.

Caveat emptor is still the operating rule–when no laws are broken, of course. As buyers, we’ve all got to be aware of every transaction. Not doing due diligence is a buyer’s wrongdoing–once again, unless there’s provable fraud or gross negligence.

More to the point, everyone must pay attention to offers from unknown parties, individuals and companies alike. From our perspective (of 40 years in business), it pays to be skeptical. The attitude we espouse is guilty-until-proven innocent. The more exceptional the offer, the more scrutiny is warranted. In the absence of a iron-clad guarantee, investigation of the source is not unreasonable especially when there is no oversight or license involved.

The business of marketing is too vast to license. Accordingly, “Buyer Beware” is more than appropriate online. Visitors never know what’s behind the fanciest of websites. For a look at legal issues for marketers in general, point your favorite browser toward,


It isn’t usually except by ISPs (Internet Service Providers). Sure, emails have federal regulations now via the toothless tiger called Canned Spam Act. Most folks this is akin to the Do-Not-Call-Registry fiasco.

But, let’s not condemn the entire industry for the bad acts of a few (okay, too many to count). There are some terrific marketers and companies out there that do a tremendous job. We applaud, support, and endorse many of them—to insiders only—since we are self-restricted. To name just one of favorites, is a winner on many levels. If you’re not one of their members, be advised that Allen Weiss and Ann Handley do a magnificent job.

One of the primary reasons we increased our new-member guarantee from 30 to 60 days was to allow ample time for members to decide whether they were satisfied with PMcommunity. Chances are good that they may NOT have had a referral yet unless their members making the referral is in a hurry or else there was pent-up demand in their assigned cluster. Even so, we find that when members are active, they are always happiest.

To dispel the rumor most often heard outside, members do not have to-give, in order to-get.

Members never have to participate in Concierge Marketing, but if they don’t, what’s the sense (advantage/benefit) of joining? And, another rumor that should be squashed immediately, members are free to give/take referrals for anyone, even those outside of our Community–providing they do not violate the “Blackout Period” rule. What’s this? Ask an insider, or better yet, join us at no risk to find out. Our no-risk proposition is a 100% satisfaction guarantee for 60-days; then, members are free to opt-out at any time they like.

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