Vanishing Marketing Fees

Per Member Vote Last October members get to vote annually on Major Changes that they would like to see happen in the following year. Our Exec Comm spends considerable time reviewing S&R (Suggestions & Recommendations) to isolate the Best of the Best in November & December. Usually there’s a few “must do” items that will be enacted the following year or else be shelved for a future vote during the next October vote…

LAST YEAR we added a brand new member class.  Standby Memberships were introduced in February. Candidates not ready to commit (and become paying members) could now register for possible placement for new client assignments…per policy.

THIS YEAR we may be enacting a Vanishing Marketing Fee performance benefit. Essentially, it is a reward program for “recommending” new members. Specifics are being finalized and will become available to MO (registered Members Only) by July first.

Another policy change being considered is eliminating all forms of registration except via the new web portal, Because demand is becoming so strong, we expect to create a separate “branch” of members for those knee-deep (50+% practice) in Small & Midsize Business (SMB) transfers. Those that have already informed us of their M&A activity will automatically be re-positioned. Newcomers would need to use the new portal as outlined in our 3rd Quarter Community Report.

And, while on the subject of new/exciting things that may be coming later this year, Lifetime Memberships will be re-introduced to qualifying Preferred Members.  With very few adjustments, this “premium” class of members will be allowed to “pay two and get ten” years of marketing. This program requires at least one full year as a “standard” Preferred Membership.

A higher form of voting power comes with Lifetime Membership as well as certain opportunity rights regarding our Community senior management and potential regional hierarchy status. Per policy, details of these LMs are distributed to Preferred Members as requested once they meet the 1-year qualification threshold.


Despite grumbling about new members not recording their Recommendation/Invitation source at enrollment, in fairness to all, we will no longer be able to recode or go back to registration forms once they have been submitted. What does this have to do with the price of tea in China?

  • NOTHING if you’re a new visitor (non-member) to this blog.
  • EVERYTHING if you’re a member expecting credit for a recommendation.

As insiders know, there are only two ways to join our Community. ONE is by invitation from our Admin and ONE is from a recommendation from an existing member. As of June 30th, only online registration will be accepted. No more mail-ins, faxes or emails will be processed. Our size precludes manual entry, i.e. resources are better utilized in our VP-Members, hip Office.

If the Reference Source is left blank or is unintelligible, by default, credit would go to ADMIN. The only way members would get “credit” is if their name or member id# is recorded. Note: should there be a question re: credit, it MUST BE fully resolved within thirty (30) days so that this matter can be closed once & for all. We will not revisit or burn any resource time backtracking thereafter.

More, much more on PPP (Policies, Procedures & Practices) will be forthcoming. As always these announcements (blogs & FAQs) are not be construed as binding. They will always be subject to change & correction until such time as they are committed to our Community Marketing Agreement (CMA), as amended and executed.

Thanks for reading my rantings. This is my very first PMC blog.  |  SR

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