Highway Robbery in Daylight!

Marketing Venues Gouging Clients

OUCH! is a four-letter word that (too) many pros are saying today. They were sold on the merits of how wonderful there new marketing program was going to be. Therein lies the problem…going to be…as in, in the future. Well, they got a super deal tied to prepaying the entire year in advance. Of course, the salesperson assured them nothing could be possibly be better, cheaper and faster

a scenario to consider…


In the beginning the “deal” which cobbled up a huge share of this typical professional’s marketing budget looked good. Actually, very good!

There were the obligatory colorful brochures and welcome offerings. The outlook was rosy and everyone of their clients was on a path to fame & fortune. The new software support team would help in due course if they haven’t acted already. Of course, they needed to tie in your contact lists with their program to ensure seamless activity.

Lots of follow-on and follow-up emails arrived with very positive news…usually online and in your inbox.  You may have even ‘scored’ a new webpage or landing page (with their name somewhere affixed on the bottom). But, you felt good that these folks really have their act together. You were ready for the floodgates to open. Okay, perhaps a bit more realistic since you’re new to their program may a small pipeline might be established.

Month two there may be some ‘hot’ leads that come in; but, more “info” and practice management tips were the agenda–with a big push one their blog. Month 3, 4 & 5 rolled by and it seemed that they were living up to their end of deal. You may even start to get more testimonials about others in the same program doing exceptionally well indeed. The new company materials are perfect. And, their videos were “do die for.”

So, what’s wrong? Others are winners but you’re still struggling!

Months 7-10 are kind of blur regarding this program–since other things seemed to work better. Sure there was leads a plenty, but upon trying to qualify them for an appointment invariably there was more disappointment than actually appointments. Still the website was strong. Their emails were intended to help–but, truthfully, they were a more annoying than helpful. (Who has time to read all this propaganda?!) Sadly, you gave them the lion share of advertising & marketing funds, so how you now tell them their “program” isn’t that good?

The last two month may show a little more promise but the year is over. Time to pony up for next year?!


Okay, you won’t get stung again. Lesson learned the hard way. Nobody gets a huge prepayment. Put up or shut up!

To be sure, last year was an “aberration.” Most other clients really did well. Here, look at all these testimonials. Better yet, go online and check them out for yourself. This year, let us show you what the company has done. You’re not going to believe it! And so on …

The hard sell is somewhat softened when pricing is mentioned. There’s retail and preferred pricing for established customers. So, right off the bat, you’ve got 20% saved. To put you mind at ease, let me come right out and tell you, the price DIDN’T GO UP.  And, they add this-that-and the next thing! Isn’t that amazing? Can you believe it? Seriously, this is a “no-brainer” for my customers.

Just think about getting more–a lot more–and get 20% taken right off the top!

The WOW factor is off the charts! My customers are thrilled; not one has cancaled yet. They all know the value of our folks working on your behalf. Oh yeah, we’ve added 10 new support people this year. Your service will be tremendous. Trust me. So, are you ready to get to started? Let me show you all the [glitter & glory].  Yada, yada, yada.

When you resist and are firm about it, all of sudden there’s another discount that the salesperson MIGHT be able to get for you–as long as none of other customers find out.  Would another 10% on top of everything else, work for you?  Hey, that’s serious money that I might have to contribute to. What’d you think? I’m telling you NOBODY has a better deal than this … NOBODY!

Say “NO” again, and watch the salesperson reach for his cell phone to call for permission to get you an even better deal. And, surprise, surprise, after a phony argument, another 10% is offered “JUST THIS ONCE” as long as the full year is paid in advance!   (end of a scenario)  |  BV

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