Open Enrollment Starts

MAY 15th -through- JUNE 30th


Twice a year (mid-May to end-Jun; mid-Nov to end-Dec)‘s intake staff get to relax. All screening, qualifying & vetting of member-candidates fall to third-party resources like Lexis-Nexis, Trudiligence, etc.

All other times, our intake staff must do the heavy lifting themselves. Only candidates that are not licensed (because they’re not required) may be farmed out for examination. The purpose is to ensure no bad apples are allowed in!Member-candidates come from every professional SERVICE industry imaginable. These means that local lawyers, CPAs, financial planners & advisers, business analysts, investment bankers (solo boutiques), executive coaches, facilitators, consultants, tax & valuation specialists, M&A folks of all types (outright sales, mergers as well as internal MBOs, ESOPs, etc.), C-level surrogates, independent insurance pros, IT/MIS execs, trust officers and so on—should apply if they are accepting new clients.

Candidates from NON-service industries are precluded from joining our membership at large. They may, however, offer their VALUE-ADDED goods & services, as accepted. This means that landscapers, retail store owners, plumbers, florist shops, artisans, vendors of all types, electricians & tradesmen, etc. should NOT apply. While these folks likely perform high value products & services, they are aimed at consumers, not Small & Midsize Businesses.

There are a number of good marketing clubs & venues that allow virtually any small business professional to join. Take for instance, BNI which still leads the parade. Others like TRG, VentureStreet, LeTip, FoundersCard, SEA, YPO, and a whole host of local meetups & social groups are available. Some are free but most will charge for the privilege of being an “exclusive” in a profession or industry. Their agenda are Weekly meetings that, hopefully, lead to lead-chasing.

As a final point of clarification to newcomers, every one of our candidates must be an INDEPENDENT, “solopreneur” if you will, in their discipline. The notable exception are homogeneous small teams & partnerships—whose members join concurrently, as qualified. Note: the latter cannot be to tied into any regional or national franchise advertising campaign.


Perspective and expectations should dominate decision-making on following one’s priorities.

  • If you perceive that joining a client-development resource like the several listed above would be a burden or steal time away from productive matters [like serving existing clients v. chasing after suspects/prospects], the decision is easy: don’t join!

  • If on the other hand, you need more potential clients [and feel joining would add-value to your marketing], that’s another easy decision: join and participate.

  • Your clients’ expectation of service delivery inexorably leads to their (your) success or failure.

Amateurs often botch projects/assignments by either starting prematurely or else not sufficiently explaining what success means to the client (when the project/assignment is/will be completed).  Sadly, they don’t have the experiences or resources to help them a priori — before venturing forth or embarking on any project/assignment.

Return on investment (ROI) is a most preferred metric regardless of wherever the expenditure is placed. Return on MARKETING investment (ROMI) applies to marketing only and it determines whether the marketing expenditure really added value or not.

Beware of whose doing the calculation! This is not a pro forma or predictive exercise; it always follows the marketing period being analyzed and pertains specifically to the campaign/resource in question.

Bottom Line: it’s your business. Run it like you are in control, i.e. only make decisions after determining whether they would add MORE COST than whatever value is anticipated.  If MORE VALUE is expected to be received, it’s quite possibly a sound investment! Just know, however, that you won’t be able to apply ROMI … until the party’s over!  |  JM

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