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Wasting Valuable Time Lead-Chasing

One of the biggest complaints we hear from members is that LEADS really can be a giant pain the rump! Sure, everyone has a solid CRM program but “all” that does is create…LEADS. 

So, what so bad about leads? Are they the supposed “lifeblood” of every business? To an extent perhaps, but there’s more to the story!


“Local Channel Marketing”™ was new in 2010.  After years of research and development, the Community believed it FINALLY had corrected the prospecting dilemma that every SMB professional advisor faced. The mission of all marketing companies is to facilitate the connection of buyers to sellers and vice versa.  While advertising has always dominated the field, marketing encompasses the broadest spectrum of activities & artifacts whose purpose is to stimulate awareness in products/services with those predisposed to buy them.

There was little disagreement is what was suppose to happen. The problem (interruption) came about when one entity started throwing stones (boulders) at what everyone was doing. The problem, they claimed, wasn’t all the time, money & effort that went into marketing. Rather, it was the RESULTS, actually the absence of results, that they railed against.

Members know of course what the “they.” this upstart who challenged status quo, was!

Who ever heard of a marketing service that bad-mouthed LEADS. Heresy, indeed! But, leads in and of themselves are not very valuable until-and-unless they are cultivated, rated, scored, nurtured and ultimately bring the customer to the “buying point.” Hey! Isn’t this the job description of CRM, gold old Customer Relation Management? As a matter of fact it is!

But, even the best CRM is S-L-O-W when it come to delivery results. Okay, it is terrific for freeing up its owners to do better (supposed more valuable) things. But if one is expecting fast, near-term results…say, within 30 days or so…forgetaboutit! Not going to happen as a rule. We vociferously told everyone that when results are “Leads,” whether paid-for, given gratuitously, mined by CRM, or however received, no one should rejoice & be happy.

The simple fact is that leads usually don’t convert into sales right away.

On the contrary, this is where the sport called “Lead Chasing” begins. Because outcomes are more often of the “no-sale” variety., our Community has been known to denigrate common leads. While there is nothing inherently bad about them, we’re on record as declaring they can be Dangerous to Your Wealth as well as Your Health!


When “Concierge Marketing” debuted in 2013, it took awhile for members to get used to the fact that it had not only replaced Local Channel Marketing™ but it was an enhanced version designed to accelerate delivery of referrals, i.e. leads that had been transformed into highly qualified, sales enabled business opportunties that were personally delivered by the new-clients’ own trusted advisors.

Yes, lead chasing had been eliminated–eradicated–so sales resulted on the spot.

Go ahead and laugh. It does sound too good to be believe. But ask any member while they’re laughing their way to the bank. The key is the fact that we don’t deliver leads. We convert [aka TRANSFORM] every lead into a bona fide REFERRAL before it would be delivered to a member. This is what we do. This is what Concierge Marketing is all about.

Some suggest that this is like having your own private sales force. They’d be only half-right. The feeling is that it is like “selling” but we only do “marketing.” We are restricted from crossing the Sales threshold because, as Marketers, we cannot enter into or participate in a [sales] transaction. This is the exclusive domain of our members’ clients.

Suffice it to say, Concierge Marketing is unlike anything on the market today. Sure, there are folks claiming they do what we do, but they don’t—and can’t.  It took almost a decade of research & development, trial & error, to bring Local Channel Marketing™ to the street and a few more years to perfect it!  Good luck to anyone trying to copy us.

But, if anyone wants to try, we’ll save them a ton of time by clueing them into the fact that, to be successful, it takes both a carefully crafted PLATFORM as well a proprietary PROGRAM [system] to deliver real REFERRALS, confidentially, on demand, for short money!  Good Luck.

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