Survey Concludes: Stupidity Abounds

Way, way too many/much MARKETING

Every October our Community polls members about What’s Right & Wrong INSIDE (the Community) and OUTSIDE (their own marketplace). Not surprisingly, for the third year in a row the #1 Outside Concern was that there is just TOO MANY marketing choices [ONLINE] …


Okay, those being surveyed are prejudiced. Naturally, they’re all insiders. They admit there’s a certain bias toward marketing on cyberspace.

When Local Channel Marketing™ was introduced in 2010 the client development world was already agog with Lead Generation and all that CRM would afford. After all, mega-millions were spent singing their praises. The Marketing Funnel had long been adopted as the de facto model to for cyber emulation. Who wasn’t enamored with causing as many “suspects” as possible to start their journey downward spiral into becoming “prospects” and ultimately (after enough nurturing & seasoning) culminate as “new clients?”

This was Marketing Nirvana. “Set it and Forget it” until it was time to harvest rewards. Sweet.

What a nice way of doing business…of so the story goes. The first problem, of course, was timing. There was no way of predicting when or even if the suspect would render ‘himself’ as ready to buy. The second, and greater, problem was the fact that ‘he’ was only a lead. Yes, a viable and (hopefully) ready-to-buy lead. But, that’s when you had to put on the armor to go out and slay this proverbial dragon.

No big deal! This is what you were born to do. Spend time face-to-face selling your specialty services. At least the tough job—getting an audience with someone express interest to buy—is way behind you. Now, it’s just final qualification and your usual masterful selling job


Let’s change that title to Local Channel MarketingWAS SUPPOSED TO  change the paradigm. It was designed to do away with Lead Chasing and even Prospecting in general. It was not Internet-based.

It was a genuine OFFLINE marketing program that did not rely on cyberspace.

Perhaps it was naive to believe that a hidden resource could presume to change anything, let alone an entire industry paradigm. Okay, you’re probably thinking ‘lunacy.’ The Community never advertises or uses Social Media correctly. So, as far as SEO was concerned, let’s just say nothing/nada/niente. We run a small, elite marketing organization that DELIBERATELY does not want to be well known.

When Concierge Marketing debuted in 2013, there was no major announcement, no fanfare…no kidding! Only insiders got the memo. It really was Big News that didn’t even make a ripple to outsiders. How could it?!

Nonetheless, this accomplished what Local Channel Marketing™ started. Members no longer had to rely on marketing online as greatly as they once had to. All of sudden, the new-client development pressure was off. The burden of prospecting was lessened in most cases -and- actually eliminated in others. No, it did not replace cyber-marketing except to members who were fed up waiting for slow, unpredictable results.

Getting back to the Headline re: Stupidity Abounds, this relates to our October Survey that showed members still spend huge sums online. Many kept listing as their #1 source of marketing, i.e. the greatest spend, on a few CRM programs. (Names withheld except to members.) While we believe this could be appropriate—commensurate to members’ goals, the surprise comes when they indicate that the exact same venues would claim a healthy part of their marketing budget THIS YEAR again! 

For the record, no one is calling anyone stupid. What we saying is that continuing to do the same thing and expecting a different result is the classic definition, isn’t it? To outsiders who might think that the Community is just looking for more of this spend, WRONG. We have no “upsells” or advanced products/services to buy!  Once one attains Preferred Member status, she/he has hit the top! From here, it’s mere a matter of participation.


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