Hidden Resource Rediscovered

New Client Acquisition Program

If you’re an Independent Service Professional (attorney, accountant, consultant) there’s a hidden resource that could make your business/practice MUCH BETTER. That’s the good news. The bad new is that it’s tough to become one of their members. But, once you check them out, you’ll understand why membership is so well guarded. They literally broke the mold on new-client acquisition.

Members get exclusive Rights of Refusal as new clients come in!

This hidden resource does all the marketing spade work for members. There is no need to do any of the usual work involved with new client development. NO soliciting, screening, follow-on and trying to stay in focus so new customers will remember you. No more buying & chasing down leads, no more mailing campaigns, no more selling & negotiating fees …nothing... except to be available when called upon.


This blog isn’t for members. They know too well the merits, benefits and advantages of Concierge Marketing. The rest of you folks, likely member-candidates should learn if your marketing is as good as it could (SHOULD) be.

The synopsis above spells out some of what members get when the participate in Concierge Marketing, always local, always without cost (beyond flat marketing fee), always confidentially.

There isn’t another marketing program on-or-offline that can touch it. Sure there are some decent offerings out there-and more coming daily-but nothing can compare to our end-stage, closed-loop, marketing that is virtually 95+% OFFLINE, and delivers qualified, sales-enabled REFERRALS exclusively to one member that has been carefully matched to help solve another members’ problem.  

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE … as the infamous media hype goes:

Concierge Marketing is not complete until & unless the matched needs/solution (both buyer & seller together) personally connect and, as agreed between themselves with no middleman, go directly to [1] the old-client being served by the referrer and [2] the new-client introduced to the member responsible for solving the problem/filling the need—whether in part as the initiator, or, in whole as the single outsourced provider.

Too hard to understand in one gulp? Let’s break it down a bit. Starting with the fact that MARKETING’s function is not SALES but to create the opportunity for sales to happen. It’s purpose is to bring the buyer & seller close enough to each other to be able to transact a sale. This is when the SALES’ function kicks in.

The buyer is the needy client represented by a Trusted Advisor who is a member of PMcommunity.org. The seller is the service provider who also is a member of the Community (in private practice usually) and is a screened & matched Subject Matter Expert who’s ready to assist any needy client.


Without belaboring the point, the above paragraph should serve to clarify many ‘myths’ and ‘misunderstandings’ re: the Community and Concierge Marketing. In truth, this is why we spend so much time and effort trying to help member-candidates who must live in a culture of Lead Generation.

Admittedly, everything involved in New Client Development starts with/as a LEAD. But, one needs to know what kind & quality of LEAD is she/he getting involved with. The gradations are varied and must be studied before spending dollar-one if possible. For many decades, LEADS have been an industry unto themselves. It was only naturally that they would be made available like everything else on the world wide web. They become progressively better, cheaper & faster. Of course they spawned Customer Relation Marketing or Management (CRM). Soon after Inbound Bound (buyer-pull) was identified as the darling of client development and the de facto replacement to Outbound (seller-push) marketing.

All the while, fortunes were being made by the best & brightest—those who invented the tools, programs, and skills required to market each successfully. Early adopters proved how terrific marketing was becoming! Today, the paradigm is only in short pants. The next decade will likely present (-ready for it-) better, cheaper & faster marketing. Hopefully, Concierge Marketing will have officially replaced LEAD GEN for some … or at least presented an intelligent alternative. Perhaps the best we might expect will be a specialty niche product for world-wide INDEPENDENT practitioners who will take advantage of what Concierge Marketing (by any other name) affords.

To everyone’s continued good health, this is Bob Pierce, Exec. Director, signing off…for now.  Most early members still know me as Bob Veris.  |  BV

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