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Revamping Entire Platform & Programs 

With the long overdue vacation & recuperation of our fearless leader looming, the Executive Committee has decided to literally reinvent and revamp the entire platform, add more staff and mid-level management while continuing to streamline Concierge Marketing for members.

Be assured that current members will be served—without interruption or delay—through the end of the year (including November & December at no charge) up to renewal. Business will be processed as usually and every assignment will be delivered on time.

Members shall receive formal email notification prior to July first with proper enumeration. Kindly note that membership applications will be suspended after June 30th. New submissions will be processed starting October first … likely with a much easier enrollment process. Further, Annual October Surveys will be sent out in late September with a mandatory submission date of Friday, November 18, 2016 by COB. (Parenthetically, we are as anxious as our members to see what direction they want and what new policy MAC will be adopted for 2017.)  Enough time tables!

We’re sure that some (outsiders) may to use this message as ammunition against us. But the truth will ring true. There is no other “Concierge Marketing” program available. Accordingly, we why would we pay attention to naysayers .. unless they’re (God forbid) members?

This is Jim Mitchell signing off (for now). I wish everyone a happy, healthy & prosperous Summer & Fall! Look for my next blurb when we quietly prelaunch around Labor Day … announcing the good great news that -and- will be preparing for a new member drive for 2017.


Any members reading this should settle accounts with Katie by June 30th if possible. This shouldn’t be a problem for those with credits to carryover. On the other hand, those who may owe should get squared away quickly in order to enjoy a “free ride” in November & December. In addition to our holiday (2 month) present, we’re anticipate adding August & September for existing members who elect to prepay 2017 marketing fees prior to July 31st. FYI—the Community Marketing Agreement addendum must be executed concurrently in order to take advantage of this offer.  |  JM

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