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Revamping Entire Platform & Programs 

With the long overdue vacation & recuperation of our fearless leader looming, the Executive Committee has decided to literally reinvent and revamp the entire platform, add more staff and mid-level management while continuing to streamline Concierge Marketing for members.

Be assured that current members will be served—without interruption or delay—through the end of the year (including November & December at no charge) up to renewal. Business will be processed as usually and every assignment will be delivered on time. (more…)

Hidden Resource Rediscovered

New Client Acquisition Program

If you’re an Independent Service Professional (attorney, accountant, consultant) there’s a hidden resource that could make your business/practice MUCH BETTER. That’s the good news. The bad new is that it’s tough to become one of their members. But, once you check them out, you’ll understand why membership is so well guarded. They literally broke the mold on new-client acquisition.

Members get exclusive Rights of Refusal as new clients come in!

This hidden resource does all the marketing spade work for members. There is no need to do any of the usual work involved with new client development. NO soliciting, screening, follow-on and trying to stay in focus so new customers will remember you. No more buying & chasing down leads, no more mailing campaigns, no more selling & negotiating fees …nothing... except to be available when called upon. (more…)



This blog is NOT for members. They already know what Concierge Marketing is all about. For outsiders (non-members) gather ’round and read my take on what this “new generation” of marketing means.  It’s totally unlike anything you ever seen.  But, if you’re not an Independent Professional (lawyer, CPA, or other service provider), you won’t get the opportunity to find out.



When Ignorance Turns Painful

You know what’s hard…really hard?   It’s having to take it on the chin without being able to retaliate. No, not because of turning the other cheek; rather, because we have no public platform from which to return fire!


Gray-Haired Consultants

Want to END Prospecting


Professional consultants and trusted advisors over 45 now have an excellent chance to cut back or completely eliminate LEADS and all that goes with qualifying, nurturing, and selling them! If you haven’t heard about Concierge Marketing yet, visit (more…)

Stamp Out Prospecting

Wasting Valuable Time Lead-Chasing

One of the biggest complaints we hear from members is that LEADS really can be a giant pain the rump! Sure, everyone has a solid CRM program but “all” that does is create…LEADS. 

So, what so bad about leads? Are they the supposed “lifeblood” of every business? To an extent perhaps, but there’s more to the story! (more…)

Marketing Rights of Refusal

Major Point of Differentiation

99+% of marketing firms, agencies ,and organizations work for their paying clients. They don’t offer “RIGHTS.” as in. entitlements. Instead they are engaged to perform acts that assist with promotion of their paying clients’ businesses. has no clients. It doesn’t not sell their clients’ products or services in the traditional sense. If it did, it might automatically position one ‘client’ against another. In other words, every ‘client’ may be competing against another. The winner would surely be the highest bidder/payer. Seems about right, doesn’t it? Yes, in the conventional marketing setting.

PMcommunity is anything but conventional. As mentioned, it has no clients—only members. Up until last year, it had only two CLASSES of members, chocolate & vanilla or medium & high. I.E. Associate & Preferred by any other name. The former got the exact same entitlements as the latter…except with regard to timing. Associate Members received the opportunity of engaging a new client on a SECONDARY basis—after Preferred Members. Preferreds typically pay about twice as much as Associates; not for a higher or better type of offering, but to receive the opportunity on a primary basis. This is the FIRST Right of Refusal (or Right of First Refusal for purists).

Note that last October, members voted to allow a THIRD class of “members” called STANDBY. In point of fact, this class has no entitlements because it is not actually membership. It is for member-candidates who are not ready to commit or formally pay to join the Community. They are allowed to view certain activities & events, but cannot actively participate in Concierge Marketing that brings exclusive opportunities directly to them.


Non-paying Standby Members get exactly what they DON’T pay for (nada). Similarly, paying members get exactly what they for, first or second/next rights of refusal (of new incoming referrals). Observers should, by now, have figured out that our membership is not one giant pool of professionals. It is not one gigantic group of homogeneous single-niche (profession) pros either. It is a small, eclectic heterogeneous group of LOCAL professionals–grouped to service & share a large audience of Small & Midsize Businesses in the same geographic locale.

These local marketplaces are called “Clusters” and they do not have borders or boundaries.

Members, regardless of profession or trade, are positioned together so that each Cluster has at least two (and possibly a few more) of the same discipline. In others words, at least two CPAs, attorneys, insurance pros, project managers, M&A intermediaries, management consultants, ETC. are contained within each cluster. They are not “locked” into a single cluster. In fact, depending on composition & market need, one member may be positioned into 2-3-4 contiguous clusters.

Members have no idea what cluster(s) they may belong to at any given time. This is a logistics problem for the Office of VP Membership…who must operate under the Community’s Fairness Doctrine. Essentially, this means that ALL members in EACH class must be treated equitably and no one member can be favored or excluded within any given cluster she/he is placed with regards to access to newly matched referrals. (In the vernacular, every one gets a fair shot within their class & discipline.)

Fortunately, all this is done in the proverbial vacuum, behind closed doors. The Community is aware that human nature cannot be taken out of the equation. To preclude the possibility of arguments or dissent, joining members pledge to support our neutral operations posture and “fairness policies” from the onset, that is, at time of enrollment.

Summing up, Cluster formations work exceptionally well when like-minded professionals agree that their #1 priority is to help existing clients within their cluster. It is an unwritten quid pro quo that multiple referrals are made between & among members—with and without Community support.  (Once known to each other, members go directly to one another. There is simply no need to involve the Community.)

Marketing Rights of Refusal. #5857. This blog is written by members and monitored by our Executive Committee. It is intended exclusively for members or candidates-for-membership. Contents of all blogs and FAQ sessions are subject to change & correction and do not constitute community policy. At all times, the executed Community Marketing Agreement (CMA) alone determines prevailing policy & practices, as amended.  |  (C) Copyright 2004-2016; all rights reserved. Depicted graphics are the exclusive property of PM Community and all others belong to their respective owners or record. 


Is worth It?

Why Pay $49/month or $99/month?


The argument about price is always a concern. But, when it’s about value (received) it’s never a problem. started back in 2004 and was clueless about what to charge potential clients. Trial-and-error soon gave way to “no charge” for the early adopters. Of course they bought in–and got the benefit of what they weren’t charged for. But, when we tried to go back to a pricing model that seemed reasonable, we fell flat on our face! That market (rebounding from the catastrophe) felt our marketing services were terrific—but only when paid in arrears!

Our business model had real people performing real services THAT NEEDED TO BE PAID along the way. The Community was not contingency or commission based!  HELLO!  Deliver your very attractive new service, secure new clients ready to engage me, and THEN I’ll pay you. (Never gonna happen.)

We admit it. We screwed up. We were so worried about making good on our Value Proposition that our pricing & collection model failed miserably. We also learned that trying to please all people was a disaster. We even offered FREE leads and $50/month for new-client-REFERRALS would be delivered ready-to-engage. Result: yes to the free leads (that’s what internet businesses did) and no to the Referrals except on commission! Yes, it was a tough audience!

We thought we had our act together when we closed our doors! “Sorry, we don’t want your business UNLESS you can qualify.” Voila! Attention came with this new take-away service. Our Value Proposition changed from we’ll do marketing for you, to we’ll bring fully sales-enabled new clients exclusively to your door. Hooray! People got it … but our delivery “system” was, um, problematic. It cost us more than what we took in! Oops! The members-only platform was quite secure, i.e. But, our program was sloppy and tough to “expedite” when internal folks were scrambling all about. Happily, Local Channel Marketing™ arrived and once again there was order in the universe. But membership was slow.

Our founders were never looking to make a fortune the the Community and its marketing program. The goal was to overcome inertia, slow/steady growth via grassroots, and gradually expand.  Profits would be nominal after paying for overhead and sustaining desired growth. We were not a non-profit, just a restrictive cost-plus model designed to quietly grow at its own pace.


When Concierge Marketing was introduced in 2013, membership was chugging along. Candidly, it was decent in some (few) areas but highly fragmented in others. No one was terribly concerned since bills were being paid and services delivered reasonably well (read: no complaints). The Community learned that our growth was predicated upon the quality of local members, naturally–since recommendations were the keep. Local County Coordinators were still “volunteers” who didn’t do much but were “ready” when called upon.

Associate Members–for 2nd Right of Refusal pay $49 (almost always discounted to $30/month) and Preferred Members--for 1st Right of Refusal seldom pay $99 (just $59/month). Interestingly, members keep voting that these prices to remain constant year after year.  FYI—every October, the Annual Members Survey is taken and members decide/vote on important matter impacting themselves!)  It’s not a coincidence that all this discounting goes on (read: is allowed).

Candidates must either be invited or referred…and there’s always a code that chops prices down!

To clarify for the uninitiated, ASSOCIATE Members get the exact same service as PREFERRED Members. Only the timing of delivery is different. I.E., if/when there is no SME available, Associates get the 2nd call (Right of Refusal) for the referral opportunity at hand. Depending on the cluster/area/demand, this may happen from as low as 29% on up to 77% … but it’s always highly unpredictable. [Members are always free to move up (when not busy enough) or down (when too busy) at any time, status would change on the following month after request.]

So, it boils down to VALUE received. What’s a new-client opportunity personally delivered to your door actual worth to you? If only $30/month for this exclusive opportunity, that’s the price! If $59/month (with 2 months free), that’s your price! Here’s the kicker: services are guaranteed to yield! The first 60-days are always FREE via opt-out and 100% refund of investment. Thereafter, members are free to opt-out at any time and receive a full rebate of any unused, prepaid marketing fees. READ: we must add value, or else!

So, despite what you may have read or been told, this blog is your proof that the OLD PRICES remain in effect–for those qualifying to join. 

The Bottom Line: “We didn’t invent Professional Marketing; we simply perfected for our members.”  |  BV

Is worth it? #5848. This blog is written by members and monitored by our Executive Committee. It is intended exclusively for members or candidates-for-membership. Contents of all blogs and FAQ sessions are subject to change & correction and do not constitute community policy. The executed Community Marketing Agreement (CMA) determines prevailing policy & practices, as amended.  |  (C) Copyright 2004-2016; all rights reserved. Depicted graphics are the exclusive property of PM Community and all others belong to their respective owners or record.