Job #1: Confidentiality

PRIVATE MARKETING ORGANIZATION is a relatively small, elite marketing umbrella for LOCAL cross-discipline professionals to serve each others’ clients whenever they are in need of the others’ services.

Unlike any other meeting venue, members only connect when there is a pre-qualified, sales-enabled REFERRAL at hand.  (more…)


When Ignorance Turns Painful

You know what’s hard…really hard?   It’s having to take it on the chin without being able to retaliate. No, not because of turning the other cheek; rather, because we have no public platform from which to return fire!


Stamp Out Prospecting

Wasting Valuable Time Lead-Chasing

One of the biggest complaints we hear from members is that LEADS really can be a giant pain the rump! Sure, everyone has a solid CRM program but “all” that does is create…LEADS. 

So, what so bad about leads? Are they the supposed “lifeblood” of every business? To an extent perhaps, but there’s more to the story! (more…)

Vanishing Marketing Fees

Per Member Vote Last October members get to vote annually on Major Changes that they would like to see happen in the following year. Our Exec Comm spends considerable time reviewing S&R (Suggestions & Recommendations) to isolate the Best of the Best in November & December. Usually there’s a few “must do” items that will be enacted the following year or else be shelved for a future vote during the next October vote…


We Do NOT Serve Clients

We Only Do Members‘ Marketing Projects


Immediately dispel the myth that does deals/projects for members’ clients!  We never have. We never will. (To do so would make us compete against our very own members!)

To set the record straight, our Community is strictly a Professional Marketing Organization. We only do marketing, i.e. facilitate positioning for buyers (members) -and- sellers (members). Yes, we serve both sides of the MARKETING equation, not the selling equation. The latter belongs to our matched members alone. Confused? (more…)




Insiders know that our Community’s biggest problem is perpetual and self-created!  Who’s idea was it to operate under a “cluster” format anyway?

Firstly, lets be honest. The founders chose CLUSTERS over concentric-circles, territories or areas of concentration because they were the most ‘pliable’ and adaptable form in local markets. One could change them on the fly (think: hockey) without disrupting play. One could substitute or be substituted without any interference with current activity. Whole gangs of folks could be moved around without any complaining or anyone the wiser! Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Out in the field, it is! Behind the scenes where all the internal affairs are happening, it’s anything but orderly or systemic. Okay, it’s a frightful bloody nightmare! Thankfully, this falls under the purview of the Vice President of Membership. With so many people/members coming (and never going) clusters must be formed, reformed (again & again), almost non-stop.

At any given time, one member could be “in” a single cluster or many others concurrently. Sometimes, depending on composition (professions), a member is often added to other clusters and moved to yet another within hours. The overriding principle here is the Community’s Fairness Doctrine! No member can be willfully positioned at the expense of any other. This forces creation of more clusters whenever they tend to become “top-heavy.”  Too many in one profession/discipline forces realignment or else formation of a whole new cluster. Note: there are no boundaries. There are no territories. There are no restrictions.

Every cluster is unique. There is no ONE set model.

At any time, a given cluster could have too few lawyers or coaches [temporarily]. In such cases, those in the scarce professions would be ‘shared’ or distributed across two or more proximate clusters. Goal: make it work! When clusters have too many of one certain discipline, that cluster may be split between others abutting/closest to the local market as possible. Happily, this is never a problem “in the field.” (It’s just a giant headache for staff trying to keep up internally!)


Our members have no idea of how even or equitable their own chosen cluster is—at any given point in time. Nor should they! Ideally, all should be busy serving clients and doing/using whatever other marketing floats their boat. After all, Concierge Marketing is complementary in nature. There’s a presumption that every member has, or should have, a reasonable practice/book-of-business. With a minimum of 5 years in service (and more likely 15-20), it is assumed that each has cultivated their market(s) already. They are well established in the local area.

The notable exception is when one is new to the locale, and accordingly, is starting over. The other possible exception is when the practitioner is working on a contingency…with substantial paydays. FYI—those working for short dollars need volume to sustain themselves. Our platform is NOT a good fit. Commission-hounds selling commodity services should stick to lead houses, network meetings, and whatever else works for them.

The rule of thumb (and we HATE them) is that every client-need submitted should be substantial enough to yield at least a $1,000 or more. (After all, at $250/hr that’s just 4 hours.) Typically, SIMPLE Projects are referred to ONE other member/SME who can best get the job done completely. The referring member would STAY involved insofar as her/his relationship with the client is unaffected. 

COMPLEX Projects, on the other hand, are those known from the onset to need more than one SME to bring about the overall desired result. Invariably, there will be several members collaborating INDEPENDENTLY-but orchestrated & controlled by a project manager (member) to ensure a successfully delivered/completed project. (Parenthetically, could you imagine a major (COMPLEX) project without a seasoned PM in charge? (Perhaps this could happen back in the 1980s-1990s but surely not in 2000s-2010s–when millions of dollars may be at stake!)

Unlike Network Groups, the Community never has ONE person representing ONE trade or profession in any ONE cluster. The fallacy of this model is demonstrated by asking “what if the ONE is sick, too busy, not available, on vacation, etc.” Since all Community projects start with analysis and end with a matched SME, every cluster has at least TWO or more backups in the event the first is not available for any reason. This said, “overloads” are atypical because of diligent monitoring by the office of VP-Membership.

I trust this helps explain more about Local Clusters and clustering in general. If more info is still needed, jump inside the website or contact a local County Coordinator.  Thanks for ‘listening.’  |  BMR

Answer: BETTER MARKETING #5845.  This blog is written by members and monitored by our Executive Committee. It is intended exclusively for members or candidates-for-membership. Contents of all blogs and FAQ sessions are subject to change & correction and do not constitute community policy. The executed Community Marketing Agreement (CMA) determines prevailing policy & practices, as amended.  |  (C) Copyright 2004-2016; all rights reserved. Depicted graphics are the exclusive property of PM Community and all others belong to their respective owners or record.



Member Marketing Rights

Specialty Niche Marketing Explained


Local professionals in many metropolitan areas are starting to understand why is so VASTLY different from any other marketing on the street or cyberspace today.

FIRST of all, only highly talented INDEPENDENT professionals need apply for membership. Discipline and location aren’t important. What is important is that EVERY member is Competent, Trustworthy & Collegial. Prior to admittance, each candidate is screened, qualified and vetted if unlicensed. 

SECONDLY, existing members voted last year that new members can only be accepted if they are either INVITED by Administration or RECOMMENDED by an existing member. The idea here is to keep the organization protected from any applicant who doesn’t meet Member Standards (listed above).

THIRD, also voted by members, there will be no online communication or disruption from the Community or any members—unless there is a new-business opportunity at hand. Then, one member will deal with another without any middleman (read Community involvement). This keeps all client information confidential without the possibility of a breach.

FOURTH, all marketing with STARTS whenever one member seeks support/assistance from another member who happens to be a carefully matched Subject Matter Expert (SME) and ENDS when this SME is identified to the originating member. This a closed loop plan.

FIFTH, each member in every cluster will be considered a potential referral candidate in her/his discipline within her/his cluster on every incoming new-client opportunity/project that is matched by the assigned  Business Relation Manager (BRM) pursuant to the internal Referral Distribution Policy.

SIXTH, every member in each cluster will be entitled to receive a Right of Refusal according to her/his choice of membership. Right of First Refusal is the exclusive domain of matched Preferred MembersRight of Second (or Next) Refusal accrues to matched Associate MembersMembers shall not ever learn about any referral except as matched by the Community and notified by the originating member.

SEVENTH, the Community operates under the prevailing Community Fairness Doctrine (CFD) and members abide by their Community Marketing Agreement (CMA) executed at enrollment, if/as amended. At all times and under all circumstances, the Community reserves the right to decide Moves, Adds & Changes to every policy, procedure and practices, without exception.

FINALLY, to enumerate high points of the CMA, members are not clients. They understand that Community marketing services are tendered on a reasonably good faith basis. All services we perform are transformative in nature and never transactional. And, all actions by & between members are their own responsibility–because Community’s marketing services cease when members elect to do business with each other. 

This was a rather brief, preliminary explanation for “outsiders” [non-members] wanting to know more about the relationship of our members and our marketing organization. Copies of the stated internal documents are available to successful candidates only. Membership always comes with a Sixty (60) day satisfaction guarantee. No one should expect less from us: we are a genuine Value-Added Marketing organization. | JM

Member Marketing Rights: #5713. Please note that all PMcommunity’s Blogs & FAQ sessions are strictly for informational purposes. They are intended for independent service professionals serving Small & Midsize Business (SMB) clients throughout North America. has no clients (only members) and no corporate sponsors. It is not affiliated with Project Management Institute (PMI) although we wholeheartedly endorse their principles & practices. | © Copyright 2004-2016; other trademarks are the exclusive property of their respective owners, as applicable. 

FAQ–New & Revised-3

More Community FAQs for Member-Candidates

Does a professional have to be a FIDUCIARY to become a member?

Short answer: YES. Without getting back into the ‘great debate’ trying for adequate ‘particularity’ or ‘specificity’ of definition and understanding, suffice it to say ALL MEMBERS should be fiduciaries to their respective clients (as required by their governing disciplie/authority). Additionally, as members of, all are consider to enter into an implied fiduciary relationship with the Community and their fellow members when accepting the Community Marketing Agreement (CMA).

Is it necessary to be screened, qualified & vetted prior to joining?

Existing members voted that before any professional could be considered for membership, she/he should pledge good faith by permitted the Community to screen them to ensure that only highly qualified professionals, regardless of profession, are admitted. The primary reason was to largely protect members who would be referring other members to their needy clients as trusted Subject Matter Experts. FYI–the Community acts in good faith but its actions do not rise to the level of due diligence.

Does this mean that referred members’ actions are not guaranteed?

This is precisely what it means! As a marketing organization (not an association) the Community performs Concierge Marketing only. We do not [ever] entered into transactions with members. Members alone deal with each other and also with their clients. The Community is never responsible for whatever its member do or don’t do. They alone are free to conduct business “as usual” without the Community’s knowledge or consent (outside of the Community Marketing Agreement as applicable).

Are their meetings to attend and leads/referrals to give?

No. Unlike most network orgs and clubs, there are never any meetings or mandates save the one inviolate rule during a self-initiated “Blackout Period.”  Most members join other venues like BNI or LeTip as they see fit and do whatever else is best for them. The Community is mute on relationships outside of We find that most members would prefer not being forced to attend meetings and pay dues let alone give what-they-may-not-have! 

Can a member leave your Community at any time without penalty?

Absolutely, according to our standard Community Marketing Agreement. If this is within the first sixty days of joining, there is a 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee. Everything is refunded including the one-time Enrollment Fee. After 2 months, a member can still “opt-out” at anytime and receive 100% of all unused marketing fees (without penalty). The only thing to remember is that they cannot rejoin or reapply for membership for a period of three years thereafter. 

How com there is such a dire post-membership provision?

Like most policies effecting operations, the members themselves voted to ensure that professionals who choose to disassociate, cannot go & come at will. Originally, there was an eighteen month restriction but members decided thirty-six months would be better…especially in light of the Forced Production (put-up or no-pay) provision introduced in 2013. The latter refers to the fact that should a member not get at least one referral (preferably a complex project) opportunity, marketing fees would be suspended.

Where can I learn more about the finer points of membership?

As an intensely private marketing org that is mostly self-regulated, the Community does not promulgate its Policies, Procedure & Practices (PPP)—except to paying members. Once again, this is pursuant to the vote of existing members. What is made public (via this media) should be enough to satisfy candidates. Specific points beyond this, if needed, can be address to one’s local County Coordinator [fast reply], State Director [moderate reply] or Admin [slow reply] (

Bottom Line, how can make an informed decision to join?

The obvious answer is to join–with zero financial risk for sixty days…providing you can qualify. If you can’t qualify as an independent service provider in good standing with SMB clients in North America, member would surely not want you to be privileged to our/their platform & program. Our exclusivity is guarded for a good reason. That will be apparent to you/others who participate in Concierge Marketing, sharing lucrative new-client opportunities that will never hit the market.

In summary, PM Community is a preferred marketing venue for qualifying inter-discipline professional members to [1] better serve local Small & Midsize Business clients and to [2] more easily acquire new ones. As mentioned, governance consists of designated “County Coordinators“ volunteers and, as/when appointed, “State Directors“ who would be charged with helping all County Coordinators in their respective state/province. For more info, please see our revised website. 

FAQs New & Revised-3; #5593. Please note that all PMcommunity’s Blogs & FAQ sessions are strictly for informational purposes. They are intended for independent service professionals serving Small & Midsize Business (SMB) clients throughout North America. has no clients (only members) and no corporate sponsors. It is not affiliated with Project Management Institute (PMI) although we wholeheartedly endorse their principles & practices. | © Copyright 2004-2016; other trademarks are the exclusive property of their respective owners, as applicable.