Hidden Resource Rediscovered

New Client Acquisition Program

If you’re an Independent Service Professional (attorney, accountant, consultant) there’s a hidden resource that could make your business/practice MUCH BETTER. That’s the good news. The bad new is that it’s tough to become one of their members. But, once you check them out, you’ll understand why membership is so well guarded. They literally broke the mold on new-client acquisition.

Members get exclusive Rights of Refusal as new clients come in!

This hidden resource does all the marketing spade work for members. There is no need to do any of the usual work involved with new client development. NO soliciting, screening, follow-on and trying to stay in focus so new customers will remember you. No more buying & chasing down leads, no more mailing campaigns, no more selling & negotiating fees …nothing... except to be available when called upon. (more…)

Niche Marketing Service

Not Full-Service Marketing …

Each week CONCIERGE MARKETING is becoming better known on Main Street, USA and Canada.  It is loudly praised (albeit in confidence) by members. But, at the same time, it’s been criticized by certain outsiders … for what it doesn’t do! Perhaps the only way for naysayers to be feel better is the come inside to test-the-waters … assuming they can qualify. There’s no risk!


State of Marketing


Nobody died and appointed us as the next great thinker to rock the Professional New Client Development world. This disclaimer in place, let’s observe what’s going on in the North American SMB marketplace from the prospective of running a marketing organization serving advisors, consultants and freelancers.


Previous blogs have provided ample facts on our ten year old struggle to (indirectly) help SMB clients from Brownsville to Tallahassee, San Diego to Bangor, Anchorage to Memphis and every place in between. Directly, we serve the trusted advisors of these businesses on an as-needed/when-needed basis.

Since we have no clients, we can’t be market makers, that is, we can’t advertise or sell anyone’s services. Our value proposition rests in confidentially converting suspected needs into genuine referrals for short money, virtually on-demand. We are considered a complementary niche marketing service and not a primary or full-service marketing firm.

Ours is a “concierge” type service meaning that the heavy lifting falls to the Community to [1] do the conversion: lead into a referral,  [2] do the cross-matching: need to solution:, and [3] connect readied Buyers-to-selected Sellers: prepare both parties for a timely connection. Please don’t confuse our offline/manual precise cross-channel marketing program with the simple online variety.

Ordinarily, no marketer (on or offline) could deliver even a fraction of the value we’re able to provide for so little compensation. Review the above paragraph again. That takes a lot of professionally trained man-power to deliver the planned marketing goal. The only way we’re able to do is because we’ve perfected Concierge Marketing. It took the right platform (registered member-only local communities) and right program (on-demand concierge done-for-you marketing) to make a serious winner.


Without question, there isn’t another company, organization or entity that has the capacity to deliver as our Community does on a regular basis. This isn’t bragging. This is a fact within the niche we serve.

face_in_crowd--inconvient truthThis said, perhaps no one else wants to be in the “predicament” that we embrace regularly for such short money. Some might say there’s no one dumb enough to do so! So, how can we do it for the pricepoint of $50/month? Carefully might sound like a smart aleck answer, but it’s not intended to be. If the Community were conventional marketers, we’d have far more clients to serve than we could hope to! But, we’re not representing clients. We’re orchestrating the best members-only program designed to work on-demand. What this means is that AS WE BEGIN the end is in sight, i.e. we start with a need in search of solution.

Traditional marketing is seller-oriented. “Hey, market, look what we’ve got!” Concierge marketing is, BY DESIGN, impartial and neutral favoring neither seller or buyer. We are an interim TRANSFORMATIVE entity that begins with DEMAND seeking immediate SUPPLY. Buyers & Sellers are served concurrently—without preferential treatment toward either side. Why? THERE IS NO TRANSACTION. There is only dispositioning which is the act of getting each side (most) ready to deal with the other.

The closest thing to our community would be dedicated employees working on behalf of their respective employers. And this is the central concept that drives our marketing effort.


Although this seems to run contrary to the openness and transparency of the digital age, our Community was deliberately designed to be highly secretive. As in, completely out of the glare of public scrutiny. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin et al have all experienced unbelievable growth because they allow their members unrestricted control to deal with other subscribers. Let’s face it” this is why they were built in the first place.

Conversely, it took our Community almost two years to accept the fact that our members wanted the opposite! By their very nature, independent professionals, regardless of discipline or industry, would not accept, let alone embrace, the spotlight of others examining their businesses. While our motives were pure, our prospective members could not buy into the proposition that only goodness would result dealing with strangers & outsiders. In short, the perceived jeopardy factor was way too great!

These folks could barely tolerate other licensed pros within their SAME discipline; so how would they be able to trust others?

When it came to matters of “willfully sharing” clients’ info with others, no way! (NFW)  It would be one thing if there was good & sufficient reason to do so, but for lame “marketing purposes”? Are you serious?!? No matter how sound the value proposition, the resistance was overwhelming against these trained-negative thinkers. Once this lesson was (painfully) learned, however, it stopped us dead in our tracks. Result: all the windows & doors were bolted shut. Forget helping people who don’t want to be helped.


The problem wasn’t WHAT we were trying to do (add value), we thought it was in the fact of WHO we were! This was a huge obstacle. The Community was (in 2004) totally untried, untested & unknown! But, once we said “no;” sorry you can’t get in—because we serve only qualified members, folks started to pay attention. No longer were we leading with THIS IS WHAT WE DO. No longer did we have to prove our expertise. Rather, this is WHY we are & why we do it …

To wit, your problem is the only thing that matters. What’s this? Independent professionals have serious problems acquiring new clients. They lack both the time and talent to properly go about new client development correctly. Those who said otherwise were liars. It wasn’t about money, it was about convincing others that they had the best services available. They rationalized that the problem must be too much competition, not their marketing effort.

FYI—Our Community Founders knew Small Business with all of its triumphs & failures. They knew firsthand the intricacies of starting, growing, and cashing out. Over several decades, they assisted thousands of SMB advisors, consultants, and bankers. What they didn’t know, i.e. appreciate at first but came to realize & appreciate was that human nature did not change despite the internet, advanced technology, and all the shifting business paradigms. Sure, marketing methodologies may have changed irrevocably, but fundamentally, people didn’t/don’t change.

Forget about us (the Community) for a second. Start thinking about how to BETTER SERVE your existing clients. “Seriously, what have you don for your clients lately?” And, after that, start thinking about ACQUIRING new clients. “Are you only doing what local competitors are doing to promote themselves?”  /  JM

Kindly note that all PM Community blogs & FAQ sessions are strictly for informational purposes and are intended for a specific niche audience, namely, independent service professionals serving Small & Midsize Business (SMB) clients throughout North America. Our material is not designed for public consumption nor for any specific trade group or professional services industry. | © Copyright 2014 pmCommunity.org. Other trademarks are the exclusive property of their respective owners, as applicable.

 Secret of Change

Prospecting Ends HERE

Lead Chasing is History!

There’s probably only a 10-20% this blog would be of interest to you, if you are a Millennial. The odds go up dramatically if you’ve been in business (as a service solopreneur) for at least 5 years and possibly up to 10 years. And, once you’re past the one decade threshold, there’s a 98% chance you can supplement your PRODUCTIVE marketing substantially by using our members-only Concierge Marketing.


Unless you’re a genuine extrovert, super sales-type or don’t have a busy business/practice, prospecting is a royal pain in the pettuti. This is doubly true if you happen to be superior at your craft (accounting, law, consulting, etc.). Let’s face it: no one likes “downtime” which is just another way of saying not billing hours” for serving clients.

Local Channel Marketing™ was introduced in 2010 and it was a refreshing change from traditional marketing. What’s that? You never heard of it! Of course you didn’t unless you were an insider—already a member. And, since the Community doesn’t advertise, you’d remain min the dark until a local peer or colleague mentioned it to you. (Parenthetically, we’re sorry you missed it!) But, it was replaced in 2013 by the next iteration which is even better, faster & cheaper. Hello, Concierge Marketing!

In previous blogs we’ve been enumerated the features & benefits of our proprietary platform/program so we won’t spend a lot of time here. For first-timers, here’s how a recent blog summarized the Community’s Concierge Marketing:

 “Ours is a “concierge” type service meaning that the heavy lifting falls to the Community to [1] do the conversion: lead into a referral,  [2] do the cross-matching: need to solution:, and [3] connect readied Buyers-to-selected Sellersprepare both parties for a timely connection. Please don’t confuse our offline/manual precise cross-channel marketing program with its simple online variety.

In other words, once a professional joins she/he immediately has a marketing tool that allows needy clients to get the best local services ON-DEMAND…confidentially, comfortably, without hassle or middleman commission! Okay, the second benefit is regarding New Client Development. There’s no reason to buy leads any more let alone chase them down hoping to convert them. This is the part of marketing that Concierge Marketing replaces.


NO MORE!!!Members report that it revitalizes their business/practice. Since they have a respectable clientele already, their #1 objective is not to add quantity, but only highly qualified new clients. They no longer want to waste time (selling & pandering) in the trenches hoping to score the occasional client. Their time is too valuable to spend on unproductive matters.

The beauty of participating in Concierge Marketing is that there is no need for “posturing.” Everyone is on the same level playing field—dealing with cross-discipline peers & colleagues. It is assumed that everyone [member] would be acting in a “client-centric” [fidcuiary, legal or in fact] manner everyone can concentrate on the issue at hand. There is no fee-justification or selling required beyond the obligatory explanation of how one can help with a timely collaboration.

Everyone remains INDEPENDENT and does their own thing as an independent contractor. This is defined project-work … in spite of the fact that it may turn out to become otherwise after the fact.  In other words, quite often the new client may elect to engage you (based on performance, naturally) to continue once the immediate project is completed. There are promises going in with the unwritten exception that everyone is acting in good faith and would be performing according to their best professional efforts. (At least that’s the intent with every new relationship.)

FYI—The Community is not a middleman insofar as it does not EVER have anything to do with its Members or their clients ONCE their marketing function is completed. It must be remembered that we are transformative in nature (converting leads into referrals) not transactional (actually connecting parties). We’ll take you right up to threshold, but you’ll have to do the knocking!


Concierge Marketing isn’t about doing deals and have satisfied clients. In the first place, we have no clients; only members who join with their local peers & colleagues in various professions. The sole purpose is to create first-stage relationship marketing by using end-stage of project management’s initiation process. Confused? As promulgated by the de facto project management authority, Project Management Institute(®, there are essentially 5 major process groups to every project. The first of these is “INITIATION.”

Before any major project commences there, it MUST be defined correctly via a project written charter with a precise project scope. To do otherwise is tantamount to venture forth & sail into deep waters as a rudderless ship.

This should be the concept behind EVERY MAJOR CHANGE contemplated by EVERY SMB CLIENT.

time IS moneyIt doesn’t matter whether you’re a lawyer, an accountant, an insurance pro, a business broker, a management consultant, or whatever. Major Change Management needs a trusted advisor to ensure her/his client starts out correctly. If not, think wasted time, effort, and money…until & unless…someone is bright enough to do it right. This means that it is incumbent upon any/every trusted advisor to help clients in transition or contemplating change to STOP and make the right decision BEFORE embarking on any project that would have a major impact on the business.

While it’s true that our Community has project management in its blood, we do not function as a Professional Project/Program Manager (PPM). Rather, we are exclusively a marketing organization. Our niche is helping ALL advisors to SMB—irrespective of discipline—to more easily connect with each other whenever clients are in need. We do this via a closed-loop, members-only community platform that utilizes one proprietary program called Concierge Marketing (as described above.)


SMB clients are the reason why we are in business. YOU as a practitioner and the Community as a SMB organization serving you. We have no hidden agenda. We have no clients. We serve no specific industry. We have only one revenue stream, that is, flat member-marketing fees. We except no additional compensation from anyone although this is subject to change in 2015! Yes, next year to fuel growth and to keep marketing fees low, we will accept sponsor revenues as an advertising platform for selected value-added entities.

Specifically, we expect to allow Affinity Partners who share a common goal of adding value to our members will be able to promote their offering in various Community outlets. This “Insiders Blog” would become a target source along with the “Local Community (cluster) Blog,” and “State Director’s Blog” that is expected to grace cyberspace by the fall of 2015.

To answer the oft-asked query: why would any independent professional or sole practitioner want to join PM Community (pmCommunity.org)? Hopefully, the answer is already known to the reader. There isn’t another niche marketer for SMB advisors & consultants that has a great potential upside for an extremely low cost. Anywhere. Let alone one that brings exclusive local new clients directly to you!

Kindly note that all PM Community blogs & FAQ sessions are strictly for informational purposes. They are intended for a specific niche audience, namely, independent service professionals serving Small & Midsize Business (SMB) clients throughout North America. Our material is not designed for public consumption nor for any specific trade group or professional industry. | © Copyright 2014 pmCommunity.org. Other trademarks are the exclusive property of their respective owners, as applicable.

2014 banner

The END of Prospecting

End-Stage Marketing takes Center Stage

It was only a matter of time. “Insiders” have known since “Local Channel Marketing™” was introduced in 2010 that something special was really happening.

For decades, the world of advertising & marketing has been sucking up fortunes from “sellers” searching for new “buyers.” Every business needs sales, and sales are generated by advertising & promotion, aka marketing. In professional circles among the licensed elite, marketing is called new client development. Regardless of what it’s called, it drives commerce!

Marketing Overview ChartNOT A PRIMER ON MARKETING

Libraries are replete with volumes on the subject, so this isn’t anything new except a simple blog about the latest & greatest form of specialty or niche marketing.

Getting to the point, Concierge Marketing isn’t new, that is, the label itself. It means what it says.

Concierge is a person or an activity of this person who brings desired things to one who wants them. Marketing is that which causes the disposition of buyers (all those activities & artifacts that help attract them) to sellers who could fill their wants or satisfy their needs. Simple, right?  Perhaps, only to a point.

PM Community (pmCommunity.org) didn’t invent Concierge Marketing. All we did is perfect it for our participating members. To us, Concierge Marketing is “Local Channel Marketing™” on steroids. To understand what this means would require backtracking a few years, but, we’ll move forward instead. The idea here is that our brand of Concierge Marketing [the program] is exclusive within our Community [the platform]. Unless performed by internal analysts on a case-by-case (demand) basis, the only results would be creation of more leads!

Concierge Marketing is End-Stage Marketing.

For the uninitiated, our Community only delivers EXCLUSIVE REFERRALS that are personally delivered by one member to another cross-discipline member. This statement should be re-read if you want a succinct way to understand what trusted advisor-members get whenever they join & participate with us. This said, we are not claiming or even inferring that we are a Marketing Panacea.


We mentioned above that Concierge Marketing REQUIRES both a platform and a program in order to accomplish real results in the form of referrals immediately ready-to-engage and personally-brought-to-you exclusively.

Planned SuccessGranted, this sounds great but words are cheap until that are proven to be true. Concierge Marketing is the real deal. Correction our brand is designed to complete the marketing function for the participant. It doesn’t just attract any buyer but it converts the buyer into a fully-qualified, engagement-ready potential new client. This conversion process is why the term concierge is so pregnant.

What would take the typical CRM program weeks/months (even years) to do, is done within a matter of hours/days. How is this possible? It’s relatively easy in a super confidential  closed-loop environment. This again speaks to our platform where our agile project management processes can be expedited. FYI–our Business Relation Managers are charged with only accepting “doable” projects that must, through analysis, search/research,  convert on a tightly regulated timeline.

We’re aware of other “marketers” whose form of professional marketing involves a form of online matching service, a dating service-type program. For what they’re worth, they may be an excellent venue. We cannot and will not knock co0mpetition that provides value. In fact, to those that can’t qualify for our Concierge Marketing, this may be the right way to go. Despite claims to the contrary, the conversion process will probably be lacking, and, engagement may require time, negotiate and the result is always in doubt.

Lastly, others usually have no idea what End-Stage Marketing is all about. (Hint: ask them to define it.)


Before we accept any professional to join with their local peers & colleagues (who regularly refer needy clients), the question of expectation must be addressed from the onset.

Unlike leads which are literally abundant in every market at any given time, converted-leads into a fully-qualified & sales-enabled referral that will be personally delivered at the right time for immediate engagement, is sporadic, random and relatively rare.  The point here is that our Community, even with its mighty Concierge Marketing, is not a Market-Maker.

We are not a marketer engaged by clients to make it magically rain for them.

Practice Mgmt ToolWe do not have clients. We have members-only. We do proactively solicit anyone’s services nor pretend that any sales would result due to our services. Once again, we are transformational, not transactional. If we were, earned commissions commensurate with performance would be expected.

Candidates apply for membership expecting our Community to provide the platform and the program designed to facilitate & expedite probable immediate connections whenever their clients have immediate outsourceable requirements that can be filled by another member’s expertise and timely service…exclusively, comfortably & confidentially.

This is why are prices are so low. We provide the environment and the opportunity to better serve existing clients while concurrently being able to acquire new clients.


Let’s wrap-up this blog by citing an oft-heard saying within our Community, namely, never stop any form of marketing that works! Concierge Marketing should only be an arrow in one’s marketing quiver. This said, the older (okay, more mature) your practice gets the more valuable having access to exclusive referrals becomes.

We aware that many who have attained AARP status often forsake more mundane forms of marketing because they do not want MORE clients, they only want BETTER new clients. Traditional advertising usually yields unqualified folks who spend a lot of time kicking the tires, gleaning information, negotiating prices, and then have to think about it. Members will tell you of our LEADS ARE HARMFUL to your wealth and health campaign years back.

Just to set the record straight (again and again and), [1] we believe LEADS are absolutely essential to grow any business, especially an SMB advisory service. This said, we usually and on the fact that LEAD GEN can be a real pain in the wallet, not to mention time (out of the office) and effort (lost opportunity serving old clients). Also, [2] we’d love younger members but only if they can qualify with 5-years of successful practice and an active SMB clientele/book of business.

Otherwise, continue to do whatever works best for you…until you qualify…to join your local peers & cross-discipline colleagues.  /  BV

Kindly note that all PM Community blogs & FAQ sessions are strictly for informational purposes and are intended for a specific niche audience, namely, independent service professionals serving Small & Midsize Business (SMB) clients throughout North America. Our material is not designed for public consumption nor for any specific trade group or professional services industry. | © Copyright 2014 pmCommunity.org. Other trademarks are the exclusive property of their respective owners.



Mark the date Monday, June 30th on your calendar. This will be the last opportunity to join our elite marketing community without a personal invitation from an “insider,” i.e. an existing member or staff of PMcommunity.org. However, there is now a “outsider safety valve” built-in to enrollment that many do may not realize. For just $29/year any professional, who can prequalify her/himself, could still have access to our blogs & public-insider info…throughout the year. This small amount was agreed upon to become an official “STANDBY MEMBER.” As accepted, this give them the right to continue monitoring our Community (via this Insider Blog) for an entire year, and far more importantly, to fast-track them to full membership if/when they’re ready to start receiving exclusive referrals via our Concierge Marketing program.

Advisor's Timeline

Why Would Anyone WANT to become a STANDBY Member?

Since our fees are remarkably low (well below-market), what would be the reason why any pro would defer on full membership? This almost doesn’t make any sense since the Community offers everyone a 60-day satisfaction, money-back guarantee. The following is a partial list of “reasons” why some folks may opt NOT to come inside initially:

  • Not ready to make a commitment despite money-back guarantee & no long-term commitments
  • Wants to watch what other pros do/say re: our marketing organization (sorry, we’re private!)
  • Feels that there could be conflict of interest with present memberships (~lead generation-types)
  • Is skeptical regarding our so-called rainmaking member benefit (receiving exclusive referrals)
  • Is fearful that the Community could be yet another ‘give’ but never ‘get’ arrangement (false!)
  • Wants to spy on an org that doesn’t use social media & has such a very low profile (good luck)
  • Suspects that participating might interfere with professional conduct/ethics (no way!)
  • Wants to hold-back until a new-client opportunity is available to her/him (still has to join!)
  • In other words, there really isn’t any real (valid) reason not to join local cross-discipline pros

To facilitate membership processing in certain areas, we are testing new custom software programs as well as expanding third-party reference checkers to ensure expeditious handling. Also, to keep costs low, we anticipate beefing up our VP Membership’s staff to better process logistics & notifications (primarily Transaction/M&A Events). 

Why Would Anyone CHOOSE Associate over Preferred Membership?

Are you ready-Trsuted AdvisorThere are two good reasons why a qualified professional would prefer being a “bench player” versus an “everyday player,” to use a baseball analogy. First-stringers aka Preferred Members would automatically be entitled to matched new-business opportunities. In the event a Preferred Member is not available (this happens a lot) because she is busy, on vacation, doesn’t like the particular project, etc.; matching Associate Members would next be notified. And, if still there was no one available, third in line are Standby Members (who must formally join before given access). If still no one has accepted the assignment [during the Blackout Period], a frantic search would take place within the local marketplace led by our County Coordinator. Associate Members are typically part-timers who already have a decent practice (fairly full book of business) and only want to consider/cherry-pick selected matched projects from time to time. Either that or they’re busy in academia or other matters that require most of their attention. Being an Associate, would keep their hand in their profession without monopolizing their focus. Another example would be semi-retired pros who may be “sliding into” retirement and choose not to chase leads or wait for the phone to ring. (Their active marketing days are behind them.)

Open-Enrollment Precludes Everyone From Joining at Will

The purpose for becoming a “By Invitation Only” organization is to cutback on quantity and concentrate solely on quality. Whenever a candidate gets recommended by an insider, VP-Memb’s office is reasonably assured of the referred person’s integrity by virtue of the reference/recommendation. It’s not that we let our guard down as much as it demonstrates the professional is an known entity in the local market−and probable cluster that she’ll join. Please note that it is, and will always be, a “HASSLE” for Community Ops people to monitor, modify, and make timely adjustments to local clusters. Their mission is to “balance” clusters with cross-disciplinarians to ensure “adequate” representative in each area/cluster of every category. This may mean that one member could be “positioned” in overlapping clusters due to uniqueness of profession. (In sparsely populated areas. this happens frequently.) In other words, no two clusters are the same, none have the same composition or numbers of professionals (except accidentally), and there are always GAPS in certain clusters that need to be filled. We do have statewide clusters and even a full national area due to the highly technical nature of some specialties. These are rare. Most commonly, we are generous re: positioned overlapping in new-forming clusters–to ensure “adequate” coverage. We even have some Preferred Members who are “stretched out” in clusters that are not overlapping, but this also is an anomaly. Due to the ever-changing nature of potential client representation, the Community does not promulgate cluster formations, areas, compositions, or County Coordinators. This is confidential, internal information that is a shared responsibility directed by the VP-Memb with State Director input.  ||  More later!

It’s a VERY Big Deal

To BOTH  Client & Trusted Advisor

Solo MDPractice

In case you haven’t heard, PM Community (PMcommunity.org) is relaunching after Tax Day 2014. Its shiny new Concierge Marketing program will be unwrapped with virtually no fanfare to existing members. Since its engine is Local Channel Marketing™ (but with a serious upgrade), it should seem like business-as-usual. But, to newly admitted “insiders,” it will be like no other marketing program they’ve ever experienced, that is, once they cut their teeth to help their first needy client. This said, if their expectation was that, just because they got in, the referral pipeline gushes, there’s a 98% they’ll be deeply disappointed. Read on…

The magic doesn’t happen as a rule until they initiate contact. And, once they petition the Community to fire up the local Concierge Marketing system on behalf of their ANONYMOUS client, heaven & earth should start to shake! [FYI–to protect confidentiality, only clients’ needs are submitted never clients’ identities.] And presto, within hours/days, not many weeks/months, the best qualified Subject Matter Expert will be presented to them eager to serve their clients.

So, what’s the big deal? Couldn’t they find such an expert on their own—like they do now. Positively, but not without excessive delay incurred during the interview process(es), then trying to coordinate meetings to fit into busy schedules to flesh out intended scope & logistics, ETC., not to mention probable client’s distraction and business disruption… Folks, major business changes that require local outsourcing, traditionally take months to isolate, investigate, negotiate, and finally bring a likely-matched candidate who may or may not be acceptable to the client… only to necessitate starting the talent search process again and again.

So there it it. Our Community adds its value by simplifying & streamlining the [marketing] process without delay, business disruption and jeopardy of needless exposure that could damage/diminish value especially if the intended event was an M&A event. When time-to-market is important, nobody can beat Concierge Marketing. Nobody!


Private_Prof-'Treps with BorderRather than type out a laundry list of pros that could [should] join local colleagues, we decided to dig out an old PowerPoint slide from 2005. It’s a bit fuzzy (low-res) but still readable to those curious to know if they’re included.  Of course, many industries aren’t mentioned like Executive Coaches, online SEO/SEM super stars, Sales & Marketing pros (we’re hardly the only game in town!), Real Estate brokers, and so on.

Frankly, our members don’t care about discipline categories—there is no competition anyway. All they’re concerned about [1] is the professional truly COMPETENT (my client’s future may be at stake), are they TRUSTWORTHY enough to work on my client’s behalf, and, [3] can I count on them to watch my back, i.e. be COLLEGIAL. Not surprisingly, these are the Member Standards every member-candidate must demonstrate before the Community gate is opened.

As previously mentioned (ad nauseurvm perhaps), membership in PM Community is a RIGHT that carries a solemn DUTY not only to fellow members, but more importantly, to the clients members faithfully served and, by virtue of membership, allow others to collaborate with them when clients need help the most. To outsiders, this may seem pompous and self-serving. To members, this is reason why they joined in the first place—to work with professionals in other disciplines in the spirit of genuine cooperation & collaboration. [Think: the benefits of netweaving and vested outsourcing delivered to the Small & Midsize Business (SMB) community right in their local marketplace.]

By now you should realize that members consider the Community as an exclusive low-
cost, high-value resource. While registration may be conducted online, the real work [Concierge Marketing] is actually done offline—completely behind the scenes. For more info, visit our Members Benefits page.