Hidden Resource Rediscovered

New Client Acquisition Program

If you’re an Independent Service Professional (attorney, accountant, consultant) there’s a hidden resource that could make your business/practice MUCH BETTER. That’s the good news. The bad new is that it’s tough to become one of their members. But, once you check them out, you’ll understand why membership is so well guarded. They literally broke the mold on new-client acquisition.

Members get exclusive Rights of Refusal as new clients come in!

This hidden resource does all the marketing spade work for members. There is no need to do any of the usual work involved with new client development. NO soliciting, screening, follow-on and trying to stay in focus so new customers will remember you. No more buying & chasing down leads, no more mailing campaigns, no more selling & negotiating fees …nothing... except to be available when called upon. (more…)

Gray-Haired Consultants

Want to END Prospecting


Professional consultants and trusted advisors over 45 now have an excellent chance to cut back or completely eliminate LEADS and all that goes with qualifying, nurturing, and selling them! If you haven’t heard about Concierge Marketing yet, visit PMcommunity.org. (more…)

Demand Marketer offers Rights

Member Determines Class & Rights Entitlements


PMcommunity.org announces what their Demand-Based, Members-Only, End-Stage, Personal-Marketing program called Concierge Marketing entails.

Outsiders, that is non-members, have wondered what Local Channel Marketing™ followed by Concierge Marketing was really all about. Because the Community is not open to the public and prides itself in confidentiality, details seem sketchy at best and impossible to understand without extensive research. Surprisingly, this is their modus operandi.

Let’s start with the fact that this unusual marketing venue is virtually run by members. They have qualified to join–as independent professionals in good standing within their discipline & local community.  They get to “make the rules” and even determine their marketing fees annually.  This closed-community doesn’t advertise.  Membership is by invitation from Admin or recommendation by Member. In other words, they are very selective, but, for very good reason!

Firstly, there are 3 Pre-Enrollment criteria.

  1. MUST BE a sole practitioner (or small team) working in US or Canada; allowing background checking.
  2. MUST BE a serve Small or Midsize Businesses (SMB) for a minimum of five (preferably 10+) years.
  3. MUST AGREE to the Community Marketing Agreement (CMA) setting forth member rights & entitlements.

Sure, this may seem like a mountain, but it’s actually a just molehill to the top talent wanting to join.

To gain admittance, there are 3 absolute criteria [called Member Standards] that all members must possess:

  1. MUST BE competent (have solid track record of reliability and be in “good standing” at all times)
  2. MUST BE trustworthy (act like a trusted advisor in a fiducial manner to other members referring needy clients if not already a fiduciary by law or profession.
  3. MUST BE collegial (protect referral source and watch her/his proverbial back, an unwritten quid pro quo)

Because membership & its benefits fall into the High Value/Low Cost category, members consider joining a privilege accorded only to those willing to comply with the CMA. At issue is satisfying existing members who the Community serves exclusively. With applied discounts, marketing fees start at $0 and go up $59.

Concierge Marketing service is consistent and never increases or diminishes. In other words it is constant throughout our two paying classes. The only difference is the Distribution Rights selected by members. Preferred Members have the First Right of Refusal (as matched, insiders refer to this as “first call”) and Associate Members the next Right of Refusal (when no Preferred Members is available to immediately accept the assignment–which is fairly often.


A private demand-based marketing with NO clients also means that we do not represent or work on behalf of ANYONE. Members have rights (listed above) that cost the same throughout their class—only the order of distribution varies according to our analysts’ expertise when matching NEEDS-to-SOLUTIONS.

Per our internal Fairness Doctrine, all solution-providing members (Subject Matter Experts selling their services) are matched to each/every POSTED requirement. In order of priority, these including [1] location, [2] discipline/profession, [3] referring member’s direction, [4] availability, and [5] Community policy.

Every referring member stays in control of her/his client’s destiny during the marketing cycle. She/he gets to literally call the shots. When?  Whenever she/he elects to initiate the marketing project by submitting the needy client’s proposed requirements, and then again, whenever she/he elects to contact the Community’s matched service providing member. The two members alone discuss the possibility of collaboration. The two members alone agree to agree or disagree.

The Community stops being involved (marketing cycle completed) when the provider’s identity is disclosed to the referrer.

Nota Bene: There is never any follow-on or follow-up by the Community. It is policy that every needy client’s identity shall not be elicited (known) by the Community. This is designed to preclude a breach of confidentiality. And, this is always the exclusive purview of the respective members participating in Concierge Marketing.  |  TW

Demand Marketer offers Rights: #5805.  Please note that all PMcommunity’s Blogs & FAQ sessions are strictly for informational purposes. They are intended for independent service professionals serving Small & Midsize Business (SMB) clients throughout North America. PMcommunity.org has no clients (only members) and no corporate sponsors. It is not affiliated with Project Management Institute (PMI) although we wholeheartedly endorse their principles & practices. | © Copyright 2004-2016 PMcommunity.org


FAQ–New & Revised-4

More Community FAQs for Member-Candidates

How can Community pricing be so low for so much?

It took us years of trial and error (fumbling & stumbling) to build a marketing program that was unique to the SMB professional community. Back in 2004, virtually nobody was aware of how the marketing paradigm was changing. From the onset, we knew that sole practitioners & independent professionals had the same “short pockets” that our founders experienced throughout their 30+ years in the SMB advisory arena. Affordable cost was a major issue…anything expensive wouldn’t fly.

Why wasn’t the Community successful at the onset?

Interestingly, pricing wasn’t a problem in the early go. Rather, the message of an inter-disciplinary marketing org didn’t resonate with low-end (SMB) professionals. It was a foreign animal, and worse, was it not built on a contingency basis. It was extremely hard to articulate concepts of “pull marketing” and “services on-demand”—especially since pioneer firms like Hubspot didn’t come into being until 2006. Further, we didn’t really have a platform to run this proprietary new service (program) through until 2007.

Why haven’t I heard of Concierge Marketing if it’s been around since 2007? 

Concierge Marketing didn’t come about until 2010. It was the third—and greatly streamlined—iteration of Local Channel Marketing™ which arrived in 2007. Further, whenever the Community makes changes, it is always done in a ‘quiet’ manner to members only. Confidentiality is our hallmark. We perform all of our work in a highly confidential manner, totally behind-the-scenes..Specifically, this is the transformation of leads into exclusive, qualified referrals. 

The concept appears to easy/simple, why isn’t everyone doing it?

Concierge Marketing incorporates the best of both the analog & digital worlds. It is unlike any business model serving the SMB advisory markets today. It literally took years to perfect the level of value-added outcomes to ensure timely success for every member-participant. Our behind-the-scenes operations are project-based and require both an exclusive platform (PMcommunity) as well as a proprietary program (Concierge Marketing).

So this is not just the latest cyber-based algorithm/clearinghouse model?

In 2004, we believed this may be the right path to follow since Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs had gained tremendous traction. Observers noted that the marketing paradigm was still in flux because Pull-Marketing (identified as Inbound Traffic) had replaced traditional seller-driven Push-Marketing. The only problem with CRM was that, while automation was remarkable, anticipated results were always delayed…until the suspect-prospect-buyer funnel-journey ended. 

Does that mean Concierge Marketing is all about speed?

Like everything in business (and life), timeliness is essential. The premise follows that being at the right place (POSITIONED to be) at the right time yields optimum results. Since Concierge Marketing is predicated upon a professional service provider (of any discipline) could help her/his clients whenever needs arosDe. Invariably, when a “Subject Matter Expert” (SME) was needed social media and other forms were usually time-consuming, inefficient and costly (especially if help was mission-critical).

Are you suggesting that Social Media is inefficient and wasteful?

We wholeheartedly endorse Social Media for non-commercial matters. But, with regards to being helpful to SMBs that are in trouble or in need of services, this medium is among the worst options possible when confidentiality is important. For decades (long before the internet arrived) we have debated that value-received is always in the inverse-proportion to the number of people who learn about any business’ needs or problems. This is especially true with M&A transfers of SMBs.

Bottom Line, how affordable is Concierge Marketing?

In spite of being somewhat labor intensive, PMcommunity believes that for value-received, Concierge Marketing is more cost effective than any CRM program on the street today. With no clients, sponsors or stockholders to answer to, marketing prices are typically determined by members themselves every October. Currently, prices are $149/month (can be discounted to $99/month) for Preferred Members, and $99/month (down to $59/month) for Associate Members.

In summary, PM Community is a preferred marketing venue for qualifying inter-discipline professional members to [1] better serve local Small & Midsize Business clients and to [2] more easily acquire new ones. As mentioned, governance consists of designated “County Coordinators“ and, as/when appointed, “State Directors“ who would be charged with helping all County Coordinators in their respective state/province. For more info, please see our revised website. 

FAQs New & Revised-4; #5580. Please note that all PMcommunity’s Blogs & FAQ sessions are strictly for informational purposes. They are intended for independent service professionals serving Small & Midsize Business (SMB) clients throughout North America. PMcommunity.org has no clients (only members) and no corporate sponsors. It is not affiliated with Project Management Institute (PMI) although we wholeheartedly endorse their principles & practices. | © Copyright 2004-2016 PMcommunity.org; other trademarks are the exclusive property of their respective owners, as applicable.

Exclusive Advisors’ Advantage

New Client Development Made Easy



Amazingly most of the SMB Advisory community is still unaware of Community Concierge Marketing.  Sure, there are others with similar sounding names but there is only ONE that is licensed by PMCommunity that performs double duty for member behind the scenes. (more…)

It’s Not about Marketing …

… It’s Really All About Media


Sure, PM Community (pmCommunity.org) is now working into its second decade and there’s a huge audience that still hasn’t heard about the “pre-eminent” hidden marketing resource for SMB advisors, consultants & outsourced project workers!

OK, we admit that we wanted slow, steady growth and not just be a flash in the pan. We deliberately have not advertised or publicly promoted our brand … because we’ve always maintained that it’s not about US, it’s about the outcomes that our members’ client achieve. (more…)

Marketing Breakthrough

Marketing--Game Changer! (1)For INDEPENDENT Service Providers Only

Attention experienced professionals in private practice (US & Canada exclusively). If you’re in good standing withith your discipline/industry and have been practicing for at least 5 years, this blog may be of significant interestto you.


Concierge Marketing is the next generation of New Client Development aka Professional Marketing. It was developed by the principals of Acquisition Research Consultants as a higher iteration of Local Channel Marketing™ program and licensed exclsuively to the marketing members of PM Community (pmCommunity.org).

For first-time visitors, Concierge Marketing includes the implementation of End-Stage marketing which consists of three distinct phases. First and most importantly,

POSITIONING is the initial phase that is demand-based, i.e. nothing happens until & unless a member has a SMB client in urgent need of professional services. Once the Community is notified, the need is immediately analyzed, categorized, and assigned to a Business Relation Manager for processing

Phase Two is called NETWEAVING, a more advanced for of networking that triggers both internal searches as well as external research in the event there is no cross-matched service provider-member available. This is a partial digital exercise requiring agile & expedited processing that is completed within a very tight timeframe

The final phase is aptly called RAINMAKING because one member has an exclusive, new client opportunity brought personally to her/him … already fully qualified and sales-enabled. There is typically a 97+% chance of acceptance in the form of a member-to-member confidential collaboration!


NO MORE!!!Every Concierge Marketing project is performed by skilled analysts entirely behind the scenes. This assures there are no breaches of confidentiality; and, perhaps best of all, there is never any middleman involvement (or commission). This is because the initiating member only deals directly with a carefully qualified & cross-matched (need-to-talent) service provider. The latter winds up being the fortunate Subject Matter Expert (SME) member who accepts the case/assignment/project when presented.

To reiterate, when participating in Concierge Marketing, one member provides her/his needy client’s with immediate access to a vast local talent pool of SMEs in total privacy for expeditious solution(s); the other member is afforded the exclusive opportunity to acquire a brand new client.

→ This is why professionals join our marketing community in the first place.

For as often as a member requests assistance for her/his needy clients (aka the initiating trusted advisor), it is reasonable to assume that she/he would be called upon to act as the service-providing SME member. There is no Community rule mandating reciprocity. But, every project establishes a classic Quid Pro Quo. And, whenever two or more members collaborate [independently] with favorable outcomes, it’s only natural that they would want to replicate these good results in the future.

Also, there is no Community rule mandating use of Concierge Marketing. Members are free to give-and-take referrals with whomever they choose–even non-members–at any time–and without Community knowledge or consent. This is crucial to understand. The Community is strictly a value-added marketing complement to whatever else members elect to use to promote new business.


PLEASE NOTE that PM Community has been challenged by so-called marketing experts. At issue is our Concierge Marketing program that is supposedly BPO, Business Process Outsourcing. Others claim that it must be PTR, Professional Talent Recruitment (by another other name) and, thus, has to be a function performed by HR Talent Search firms.

Folks Dilbert® might declare these “allegations” are classic half truths.

What CompetitionYes, there are elements of BPO and PTR found in Concierge Marketing; but let the record reflect that ours is strictly a specialty niche marketing function.

Marketing has as many definitions as academics choose to assign it. One of the most popular is that “marketing are those activities are performed to stimulate interest in, and lead directly to, sales of a product/service.”

Further, another point of clarification should be that PM Community does not have any clients. Rather, our business model is one of a controlled members-only format designed to facilitate & accelerate the connections of members. I.E. [[[1][[ professionals who represent BUYERS (demand service) -and- [[[2]]] professionals who are SELLERS of the same demanded services. Accordingly, both sides of a potential buy-sell marketing equation are covered by our community members involved & participating in the Concierge Marketing program.

The marketing function ceases once members elect to connect with each other.


For as diligent as we are in protecting members & clients identities [since confidentiality is our benchmark], we are proud to openly state our fixed/flat marketing fess. We do this so that professionals may easily judge whether they, once qualified, might benefit from Concierge Marketing. We challenge current members to find an actual higher Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) anywhere in cyberspace or the real world!.

  • Preferred Members pay just $59/month with 2 months discounted for prepayment.
  • Asscociate Members pay only $30/month with exact same 2-month discount.
  • Rates are guaranteed (grandfathered) through December 31, 2015−if enrolled in 2014. 
  • As usual, joining members get a full 60-day, iron-clad 100% satisfaction guarantee;
  • Thereafter each can opt-out at anytime and get 100% of unused balance refunded.

That’s our story and we’re sticking to it.  All that’s left to say today are the oft-quoted words of our VP of Community Membership:

“Are You In?”

Kindly note that all PM Community blogs & FAQ sessions are strictly for informational purposes and are intended for a specific niche audience, namely, independent service professionals serving Small & Midsize Business (SMB) clients throughout North America. Our material is not designed for public consumption nor for any specific trade group or professional services industry. | © Copyright 2014 pmCommunity.org. Other trademarks are the exclusive property of their respective owners.

Open Enrollment Closing

Independent Service Professionals: Last Call


robert_frost's_roadWith just a week or so to go, existing members and Local County Coordinators are asked to step up their immediate peer & colleague notifications…assuming they want to MORE REFERRALS locally.

PM Community (pmCommunity.org) doesn’t advertise on- or offline. The primary reason is that the cost-savings keep our member marketing rates where members like: below market value. Regular readers know that $300/yr and $590/yr (annual fixed fees) are a superior value to be positioned for potential NHW new clients. Note: if you can find another venue that even comes close, we’d love to promulgate it to members!

Okay, we get it. Not every new assignment/case falls into the High Net Worth client category.  But, with millions of Boomers now crossing the retirement threshold, it’s reasonable to think that you may get “your share” depending on cluster composition, location and participation frequency. That’s what make the Community such an excellent venue/value!

For the few of you keeping tabs on the Community analytics, don’t bother. We’re not even a blip on cyber-radar and that’s not a bad thing for an organization that does 90+% of its work offline anyway. Granted, at some point in time we’ll lose this delightful cloak of confidentiality, but in the meantime let’s enjoy being/doing what others in the marketplace can’t be/do.


There a general presumption in the Community that our members are too busy to stay current with magazine subscriptions. We all get a favorites regularly whether for waiting room purposes or private consumption. Although it’s well known that we don’t try to stay abreast of  the ever-morphing web, we will admit that we enjoy our monthly doze of Website Magazine. The article are quite sound and Editor Pete Prestipino is the real deal.  Of particular note last month was the Survey Finding that 62% of SBO’s (Small Business Owners), our clients, commit their marketing to RETENTION, not to new client development.

LOUSY knock-knock JOKEThis means exactly what it says. Instead of blowing everything on finding new clients, the majority spent last year (the 62%) went for retaining existing clients/customers. Contrast this to 2012, when it was 7-1 in favor of banging the drum for new business. Okay, inbound traffic/pull marketing has a lot to do with this, but it also speaks to most of our members adhering to fiduciary standards. In other words, helping clients to realize how important they are and why “we” (are glad to) do our best for them.

Obviously, the goal is loyalty and repeat business because no one new could do as much for you. Yada, yada, yada. On another front, our legal friends at LTN (Law Technology News) are one of the best trade mags for SMBs even if Law is not your primary practice. The articles are of course slanted to our brothers & sisters in law, but the writing is not legalese and the many articles are actually quite insightful. Check them out!

FYI–overall all, independent attorneys are still our largest membership group in most states. Our next largest category accountants (with analysts & auditors) followed by closely financial services & insurance.

These three major groups constitute over 82% of our membership but less than 68% of Concierge Marketing activity so far this year. In other words, all the other categories initiate more referrals than the top three.


As previously reported, the Community will be accepting LMs once Open Enrollment is completed. However, the caveat is that not everyone is eligible to raise themselves to this category. Only those who have been a Preferred Member for at least one year can make this election. FYI–the “cost” (misnomer) is three-times the prevailing annual PM rate. But, for those who have been a County Coordinator (CC) or are finishing up their year’s worth of service, the rate has been cut to TWO-times the prevailing annual rate.

Outside help--safe & secure!Besides never paying any more marketing fees, save for the annual $100 “tri-positioning refresh,” the added benefit is that LMs are ‘automatically’ accorded Premium Member– treatment for as long as their local cluster does not have such a member. Members should know this is equivalent of another $500+ annual benefit to every applicable LM. (Parenthtetically, if anyone’s doing the math, the combined added-value (cost savings) is over a thousand dollars.)

What’s with the preponderance of cost? Well, non-insiders (aka outsiders) may not be aware that PM Community is really all about adding value and not being concerned about cost/”how much.” For this reason that we stopped long-term contracts long ago. Members go month-to-month because our “Opt-Out” at any time provision looms largely. Anytime, any member decides to “walk away,” she simply needs to fire off an email to the VP of Membership’s Office and their membership account stops as of the first of the following month. Any & all prepaid sums not expended are returned in full according to the standard Community Marketing Agreement.

Bottom Line: this is our members’ Put-up or Shut-up Safety Value!

The new Lifetime Membership election shall remain in force indefinitely; but, please note that only Preferred Members may apply after one year in class. With the Premium Member kicker, this is a remarkable break-away advantage.

How many members remembered that June 14th was our tenth anniversary? We suspect very few–and that’s a good thing! Why? Because the Community was designed to be NOTabout people & personalities, rather, ONLY about projects & processes. Confidentiality is our benchmarkCompetence, Trustworthiness & Collegiality is how we roll.  /  ED

Kindly note that all Blogs & FAQ Sessions are strictly for informational & educational purposes and intended for a specific niche audience, namely, independent professionals serving Small & Midsize Business (SMB) clients in North America. Accordingly, such material is not designed for public consumption or any specific trade group or industry.   |  © Copyright 2014 pmCommunity.org.  All other trademarks are the exclusive property of their respective owners.