When Ignorance Turns Painful

You know what’s hard…really hard?   It’s having to take it on the chin without being able to retaliate. No, not because of turning the other cheek; rather, because we have no public platform from which to return fire!


First off, we don’t have to defend our proprietary marketing program called Concierge Marketing. Our members know all too well what it is/does.

At issue, however, are emails made to one of our midwest County Coordinator in particular that should be addressed—lest it somehow gain credence due to lack of response.  For outsiders, i.e. any non-members, we’ve summarized the “complaints” and “falsehoods” for simplicity sake.  Insiders can sit back and enjoy our responses.

  1. 1.  Your Concierge Marketing is a BS label and not a legitimate program…
  2. 2.  If Concierge Marketing does all that you claim, why doesn’t everyone know about it?
  3. 3.  How can any software “eliminate prospecting”? Do you think we’re stupid?
  4. 4.  Where are the testimonials verifying that Concierge Marketing is real?
  5. 5.  Who ever heard of “chasing” leads, not to mention “screened & sales-enabled” referrals being “personally delivered”?
  6. 6.  Why doesn’t at least one (if there is one) local Coordinator step forward advertise in my area so I can meet with him?

Each one of these “complaints” have a short/succinct answer as well as a duly enumerated version. The latter can be found in previous blogs or in our website. To save time, we’ll simply ‘truncate’ answers today and keep this blog within reasonable limits.

1.  Concierge Marketing was an appropriate title for our updated & streamlined Local Channel Marketing.™  In point of fact, it better describes what our “transformative” marketing services are all about. Since it is on-demand, one member STARTS it and another member ENDS it. The outcome always results in qualified, sales-enables referrals being brought personally to/for the Trusted Advisor of the needy client.

2.  Per vote of members, PMcommunity can no longer publicly advertise. Our hallmark has always been confidentiality and Concierge Marketing was designed to be a closed-loop program. Excluding our transitory, transformative services ‘in the middle,’ only members deal with other members without any middleman or intermediary involved. FRI—There is no cost of any kind save for our small, flat monthly fee.

3.  Eliminating prospecting is easy for participating members. It’s reasonable to assume that once members meet and collaborate, they would want to do business again & again as warranted—without the ‘bother’ of going through the Concierge Marketing process. Our members are always free to go wherever they can best serve their clients—especially on a direct basis when confidentiality issues are important.

4.  This should be self-explanatory. A reading of the first 3 answers should suffice. We are a healthy, organic, grassroots organization, by design. Our niche audience are heterogeneous independent service professionals of all different disciplines serving SMB clients in North America. Enrollment must be made by RECOMMENDATION of an existing member or by INVITATION from an existing member.

5.  The days of lead-chasing usually come to an end once a new member participates in Concierge Marketing. The exception is when one still has the time, energy, and the desire to still “harvest” leads. Members frequently report that they only wish our marketing services were around much earlier in their careers. (Think of all the time & money saved.)

6.  Local County Coordinators are appointed positions requiring our admin to work with our VP of Membership re: composition of ever-changing clusters in a given region. A member may start off in one Cluster and as it grows, either be better positioned in a new, tighter concentrated area, or possibly be put (positioned) into two or more concentric-circle clusters. 

Outsiders, please don’t forget that Open Enrollment (no Invitation or Recommendation needed) ends on Thursday, June 30th.  Hope to see/talk to you on the inside!  |  RS

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