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Want to END Prospecting


Professional consultants and trusted advisors over 45 now have an excellent chance to cut back or completely eliminate LEADS and all that goes with qualifying, nurturing, and selling them! If you haven’t heard about Concierge Marketing yet, visit


Like all good things, Concierge Marketing must be limited strictly to a qualified audience* ready to accept such an opportunity as it’s being offered.

*Exclusive Audience: experienced professional service providers, regardless of disciple or location who are independent solopreneurs faithfully serving Small & Midsize Businesses (SMB) in the USA.

If this blog seems redundant to regular visitors/readers, it probably is! They already know the benefits of Concierge Marketing. The advantages are numerous, but (by way of reiteration) here are only two primary benefits that every member can enjoy simply following our opportunity … once one … QUALIFIES – JOINS – PARTICIPATES.

  • BENEFIT #1.   To Better Serve EXISTING Clients

    How? By providing them with immediate access to the top, local Subject Matter Experts in virtually any profession–anonymously, confidentially, on-demand.

  • BENEFIT #2.   To More Easily Acquire NEW Clients

    How? By receiving exclusive, qualified REFERRALS (never leads) from local cross-disciple members with clients in need of your special services.

Sure, there are a plethora of ancillary reasons to become a member, but really it boils down to these two benefits which go hand-in-hand.


For those who aren’t familiar with, the PLATFORM that drives our proprietary CONCIERGE MARKETING PROGRAM, now is a great time to explore, examine & investigate! (Parenthetically, SMB owners are always looking for serious professionals who will help them–especially when there is great/urgent need!)

FYI—Per members’ vote two years ago, admittance to our marketing organization is now restricted to local pros who can demonstrate worthiness by simply meeting muster, i.e. have demonstrated characteristics shared by all other members. To wit, our Member Standards are: Competent, Trustworthy & Collegiate. By the number, each is briefly enumerated below.


BECAUSE without being a recognized expert who is available to provide top quality services whenever a fellow member comes knocking, there is no room for her/him in our community.

TRUSTWORTHINESS is a close #2.

BECAUSE members rely on other members to help their referred clients. Trust is a “game changer.” The absence of it is often a “deal killer” as far as we’re concerned. Members must have each other’s backs…when working collaboratively…and… independently.


BECAUSE in most members’ minds, this is the reason why they can quickly drop another marketing venue (poor producer) and choose Concierge Marketing as a significant complement to their marketing mix.

Depending on one’s perspective, any/every marketing choice boils down to either COST or INVESTMENT. We’ve discussed this ad nauseum our the past decade. So, we won’t belabor the point today except to add that quite often what’s starts as an investment could easily turn out to be a cost! That’s why members are always told every year to “explore, examination & investigate” before spending the first dollar or anything new..

A possible exception may be when the firm/venue offers a bona fide ironclad guarantee. Even then, due diligence is encouraged lest the firm may be trying to capture unearned credibility! Be especially aware when a firm has only been in business for a half-hour or one that offers a literally incredulous proposition.

SUMMING UP, having gray hair is not a Community requisite. Neither is any age over 30 for that matter. Allwe require is that one be independent (unaffiliated from regional or national brand) and can meet the Members Standards mentioned above. Then, it’s just a matter of falling into the waiting arms of local cross-discipline practitioners. Think about it: who doesn’t have needy clients from time to time?

Bottom Line: By joining a Cluster in your immediate marketing area, it will be easy to understand why many members consider us the “biggest bang” (best investment) in their entire marketing mix.  |  JM

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