Job #1: Confidentiality

PRIVATE MARKETING ORGANIZATION is a relatively small, elite marketing umbrella for LOCAL cross-discipline professionals to serve each others’ clients whenever they are in need of the others’ services.

Unlike any other meeting venue, members only connect when there is a pre-qualified, sales-enabled REFERRAL at hand. 


Talk is cheap…especially online when anyone can hide their true identity. Ironically, there are more second-agenda people lurking to steal, hack or plummet everything in cyberspace! For some it’s a challenging game; others it’s very serious business with frightening malicious intent.

By now, business folks know the dangers of just turning on the computer. One cannot visit ANY website without being “caught,” multiple companies track every click and visit. (The exception: TOR and the dark web.) So, we won’t belabor the downside of doing business on the internet. Rather, let’s explain our unique take on it and why our business model is primarily an OFFLINE hybrid members-only organization.

If CRM & SEO are your thing, our closed Community is probably not for you. But, we applaud and respect you­.

On the other hand, if you are struggling with making your online business work well, we may provide a different opportunity worthy of scrutiny. Of course, I’m referring to the Community’s Concierge Marketing program. It starts OFFLINE and ends OFFLINE.  Confidentiality is never breached by hacker, cracker or any outsider.

When & where confidentiality is sacrosanct,
OFFLINE is where you want (NEED) to be.


Short answer: absolutely nothing. Any/every value-adding venue is great! However, none of these venues are really private or pay much attention to confidentiality. For the most part, they are “open forum” where anyone (any member) can freely deal with anyone, or any two, or any three, etc. at any time. What’s wrong with that? Once again, nothing!

But, seriously, can you expect confidentiality in these days of fast, open communication? Granted, malware guards & security safeguards are ‘pretty good,’ but ask Home Depot, Target, Sony, even our Federal Government how that’s working out! OFFLINE one-on-one communication is a whole other story. It can easily be confidential…providing there’s an understanding between the parties. But where there is no compulsion, stipulation, or enforceable rule in place, good luck!

Truth told, our members belong to all sorts of different venues, like their local Chamber, Rotary, Elks, BNI, TRG, Trade Associations, just to name a few. Actually, we encourage everyone to belong to any association, group, society or org that works for them. The key is adding value … knowing that absence of value means loss.

Summing up, confidentiality is assured when dealing with pros in the SAME discipline. With heterogeneous professions it’s an entirely other matter. Choose your venues carefully. Look for those who espouse confidentiality especially if one party or the other is acting as a Trusted Advisor with real or implied fiduciary responsibility.

It goes without saying that ALL our Community members pledge to strictly adhere to our confidentiality mandate, without exception. Really? Yes, really; examine us more closely to verify this truth!  |  DG

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