This blog is NOT for members. They already know what Concierge Marketing is all about. For outsiders (non-members) gather ’round and read my take on what this “new generation” of marketing means.  It’s totally unlike anything you ever seen.  But, if you’re not an Independent Professional (lawyer, CPA, or other service provider), you won’t get the opportunity to find out.


Before I joined PMcommunity.org three years ago, I considered myself “part of the living dead.” You know, everyday seemed the same. Putting in my time and getting older with each passing day. I was a middle aged lawyer in private practice who gets new clients while he can. Over the years, I’ve done more to promote myself than the next two attorneys combined.

I’ve bought more leads and sent out all the obligatory introduction letters I could. I hold seminars and teach various groups from time to time. I haven’t tried telemarketing yet because I believe it’s beneath our profession…even when farmed out to a virtual assistant. Of course, I’ve finally found a decent CRM software program but it’s yield is super slow and sporadic.

Social media doesn’t do it for me. My kids love it and some colleagues, but to me, it’s a bunch of nonsense. I’m probably not using it right.  I’ve tried on the meeting clubs, some more than once. Frankly, they are way too salesy for me and the manager was too much heavy handed. Turnover was constant and some folks felt abused when they couldn’t contribute anything.

It was my last and final meeting where I was introduced to the identity of a different kind of program called Concierge Marketing. Honestly, it sounded too good to believe. My friend convinced me to check them out online. When I learned they NEVER conduct meetings, I became quite interested.


After talking with my friend (sponsor) and reading several blogs, I was enamored with the program. The hook for me was the fact that there is no cost or obligation for sixty days. If I didn’t like it or wasn’t satisfied, all I had to do was ask for my money back. Now, that’s refreshing. What bothered me though was that everything is conducted behind the scenes…in total confidentiality.

I literally had to do NOTHING.  I was told that no one would bother me and I had no reason to contact them unless I had a client that wanted to outsource a particular problem confidentially.  Other than that, they promised not to call me UNLESS a serious new client wanted my services.  And, I had the exclusive rights to accept/reject for 24 hours!

This was incredible. Instead of having to go out to the prospect, then spend a lot of time qualifying & selling them, I could bypass this entirely! Wow, what a country we live in. Someone else would do all the heavy lifting and call me when it was time to immediately sign the client up/close the deal.

I understood why they called it Concierge Marketing. Ironically, I was getting anxious when I didn’t get any new opportunities for the first two months, but my friend told me to be patient. His exact words were “don’t worry about it. Stay busy and things may pop at any time.” Whether unlucky or not, it took another six weeks before I received not one but two opportunities. After that, I settled in and gave up chasing leads and spinning wheels. I’ve never been so busy by doing “nothing” except saying yes, I’ll accept the case, thank you.

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