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An Eclectic Overview …



PM Community.org was quietly launched as a professional marketing organization catering to the marketing [prospecting] needs of sole practitioners and independent service professionals in all trades (law, accounting, consulting, etc.) that served Small & Midsize Businesses (SMB) throughout North America in 2004.

Since it was considerably ahead of its time, the new entity was not well understood initially. A painful lesson learned was that this type of hybrid “Marketing On Demand” model needed a stable trusting platform. Cross-discipline professionals needed to feel comfortable and trust each other well enough to collaborate in a completely friction-free, collegial manner.

  • PM Community.org introduced the proprietary marketing system called Local Channel Marketing™ in 2010.  

  • It took almost three years to finally morph into the industry’s first “end-stage” marketing program called Concierge Marketing.


PM Community.org has roots to the early 1980s before Personal Computers had even arrived and Tim Berners Lee was still in high school.

  • Acquisition Research Consultants Inc. primarily concentrated on the BUY-SIDE activity of private company transfers in the Small & Midsize Business arena (typically with revenues between $2-50 million).

  • A sister company called Business Brokers International Corporation handled SELL-SIDE companies for qualified clients willing to pay a retainer.

  • With staff attorneys & accountants and a related, but standalone, Business Valuation Group Ltd (later absorbed into a pre-merger Big Six giant Arthur Young) this unique group served thousands of buyers & sellers and their advisors & bankers during those halcyon M&A days.  

Approaching retirement, the founders of these financial service firms came together in the mid-1990s as the internet was becoming popular. They decided to create and sponsor a new online collaborative business model called VerisAdvisors.com. Regrettably, partner distraction (other ventures) and rather poor timing precluded their launch, i.e. the Bubble Burst in 2000. 


Despite a well-received value proposition, the introduction of a new online firm went badly. Without an adequate gatekeeper (it was open at all comers) and highly mixed industry focus, the lesson learned was an exceptionally stable platform was required. 

  • PM Community (pmCommunity.org) was quietly launched in 2004.  The door were closed & the windows locked. Only screened, qualified & vetted members could gain admittance. This closed-community business model featured a completed new & revised professional marketing program. It was called Local Channel Marketing.™
  • The Value Proposition was unique. It amounted to if you can qualify, we will do all the work for you!” Concierge Marketing debuted in 2013 without fanfare, pre-announcement or advertising. The days of prospecting and chasing leads were over!
  • Concierge Marketing was revolutionary. This was a members-only client development program built by members, for members, and run by members.
  • With Confidentiality as its hallmark, there were three Member Standards: Competence, Trustworthiness & Collegiality (Camaraderie by any other name). 
  • The Community would sell no products and have no clients. There would be TWO member benefits and only ONE (concierge) marketing program.
    • Benefit #1: to better serve existing clients (by providing access to a talent pool of Subject Matter Experts, on call [on-demand]).
    • Benefit #2: to more easily acquire new clients (from cross-discipline referrals that were personally delivered in confidence).
  • In spite of exceptional upside, marketing fees would be set below-market to allow as many sole practitioners & independents to join as possible if they could qualify.
  • Offline governance would generally fall upon local members to volunteer a few hours per week, as needed.
  • There would be one service performed on an end-to-end accordingly to member class selection.
  • This high value/low-cost marketing solution also comes with satisfaction guarantee.


Concierge Marketing is designed to perfectly complement the marketing mix of every serious professional SMB service provider in North America. For more info, check out a few of our later blog at the right!

 Whether seller or buyer, VALUE is the key.