Best HIDDEN RESOURCE in Marketing


The Best “Hidden Resource” for SMB Professionals

Last October, Preferred Members voted to create a third class of membership. Okay, it really wasn’t a new class, rather, it was a pseudo-classification of PRE-members. These would be professionals who could probably be accepted but decided not to pull the trigger (for whatever reason). So, rather try to find them later when their “possible” assistance could be required, we’d let them pre-register for $29 for an entire year.

Granted, this wouldn’t pay for our usual screening, qualifying & vetting). But, it would allow us to do a cursory internal check to ensure the candidate was, at least, overtly solid. She/he would have to go through the third-party examiner routine (like LexisNexis or TruDiligence) if/whenever the time came to climb on board. FYI−NON-members are never allowed access to any incoming business opportunities!


This was a mute point INSIDE the community. However, outsiders may have a decidedly different viewpoint…especially if there are no active Clusters in their immediate area.

Although a decade old, our Community is still not known in many areas due to our very low-profile and confidentiality benchmark. This is about to change, perhaps dramatically, when we finally break the Social Media barrier and open up enrollment via Linkedin and other channels!

Here are a few good reasons to PRE-register with PM Community ( 

  • Positions a qualified candidate to be among the first contacted when existing members are busy or unavailable
  • Paid fee would count as a full-month’s marketing when one converts to a paying fellow member
  • Sixty-day money-back guarantee in full effect whenever a Standby Member officially joins



For those unfamiliar with our marketing community, we have three Member Standards that are simple & straightforward as shown in the graphic at the right.

By far, the #1 membership qualifier is Competency in his/her chosen field with a minimum of five years in service (to become a Preferred Member, or, three years as an Associate Member). This assume Good Standing status which will automatically be checked prior to acceptance.

Although second, Trustworthiness is the game-changer of every application. Each candidate’s registration is examined closely with references checked for the protection of the membership at large. Rationale: if members have reservations about “strangers,” thereby not being able to trust each other, there will be no referrals and no collaborations for the leveraged benefit of common clients.

The final standard is Collegiality. Every member is expected to treat other members as their “peers,” regardless of discipline…ready to work together for clients…independently but collaboratively…always on the same side. Other things being equal, the outcome should be the best possible scenario for common clients.

Candidates must familiarize themselves with our Community Membership Agreement (CMA) as well as our Concierge Marketing License (CML) that allows them to participate in the ENHANCED Local Channel Marketing™ program. These two documents form the basis of the relationship established between PM Community and its Members.

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