The First Step to Membership

The above graphic comes from early County Coordinator training. It was designed to give candidates a better sense of how/why our Community works for them—in their careers as professional service providers in the Small & Midsize Business arena.  By way of review, just in case you got here without “suffering through” our copious pages on “new marketing,” allow us to reiterate a few fundamental conditions of our niche marketing organization.  

  • PM is not an association, society or special interest group of any particular industry. We are a niche Small Business marketing organization built by, and operated by, senior executives & seasoned project managers in the US & Canada. 
  • As a niche (not full service) marketeer, we have no frills or fluff (or anything to sell!), we provide two basic benefits for qualifying members: [1] to position them to better serve existing clients as well as [2] to more easily acquire new clients.  
  • Many other marketing venues promise the moon & stars in cyberspace; but their delivery is often marginal, questionable, or simply non-existent.  Our Community of LOCAL cross-discipline participants, on the other hand, has real boots-on-the-ground to make/create exclusive client-development opportunities. This ensures that all members get their fair share of real referrals, not more leads to chase down.

Despite claims of glory to the contrary by busy vendors, no CRM software, lead houses or traditional marketing venue deliver the end-stage marketing results that we specialize in.  To do so, they would need a well-balanced project management infrastructure that is able to support an agile, marketing platform facilitating research & cross-matching member-client needs (demand-pull) with precise-solutions (supply-push).  And, here’s the rub. They must deliver it on-demand, or at the very least, on a just-in-time basis.

Joining PM is divided into two separate parts: Membership, followed by Marketing. First and foremost, every candidate must be screened & qualified to ensure that she/he meets the muster of existing members. The intent here is to protect the integrity of our independent, self-employed membership in North America and to screen out larger firms and bad apples.

Upon formal notice of acceptance, typically within 3-5 days depending on traffic, new members would then decide on which Class of Membership they would prefer to determine their own level of marketing, i.e. either full-time PREFERRED Member (to receive first-priority call on incoming new-client opportunities) or ASSOCIATE Member (for 2nd  priority call) for the less active professional.