Service Request Form | Your Client’s Needs Submission

Our business model is based on the principle that agility & timeliness is essential for the delivery of requested services to members’ clients in need. 

Accordingly, this short form below is designed for members to initiate timely response from the Director of Business Relations Managers.


  • As the Referring Member first to uncover/submit the business’ need, it is incumbent on you to articulate what the client feels is best to fill his need, i.e. nature of project, trade or profession required, and a few details to steer our intake staff in the right direction/channel.
  • Please try to be as specific as necessary—but do not provide too much obvious information that could lead to the identify your client.  
  • We do not need nor do we want to be able to know who your client-in-need happens to be.

In this way, identities are always protected and never divulged except by you when the matched Subject Matter Expert (Receiving Member) is isolated, screened & qualified to be the best available Expert to serve your client at this time.

Naturally, there is no compulsion to accept this service provider should you judge her/him as not a good match. You simply defer (e.g. “I’ll be in touch”) and then alert your Business Relation Manager to continue the search.

  • As your client's Trusted Advisor, this should be a candid assessment of what you think is the primary need. (Example: retirement/exit planning, legal issue with landlord, IRS tax audit, business valuation, merger or acquisition, etc.)
  • This choice is what you believe to be the leading profession that is BEST SUITED to solve the issue at hand. (Don't worry, one of our assigned BRMs will help confirm/change as necessary.)
  • Please set the urgency that you deem appropriate. Remember, YOU (as the the Referring Member) get to call the shots and interview (Receiving members) who are best qualified.
  • Virtually every major project/change can go a lot faster, MORE smoothly, and actually costs the client significantly LESS when a top local Business Analyst and/or professional Project Manager is professionally guiding the way. (FYI--Not to worry, she/he does not add cost [ONLY VALUE] and is honor-bound to protect you/referrer) and to act as your client's agreed!

In short, the more needs you submit, the more popular you will become.  And, the more popular you are, the more cross-discipline members are going to seek you out.  (And, they won’t need to come back through us unless they choose to.)