Open Enrollment Starts

MAY 15th -through- JUNE 30th


Twice a year (mid-May to end-Jun; mid-Nov to end-Dec)‘s intake staff get to relax. All screening, qualifying & vetting of member-candidates fall to third-party resources like Lexis-Nexis, Trudiligence, etc.

All other times, our intake staff must do the heavy lifting themselves. Only candidates that are not licensed (because they’re not required) may be farmed out for examination. The purpose is to ensure no bad apples are allowed in! (more…)

Marketing Mix Confusion

No One is-or-has a Marketing Panacea


Seth Godin wrote a book with the above titled headline. Of course, it was a best seller because he already had the reputation as being an online guru. And, like Scott Adams’ and his Dilbert fame, it struck a nerve with all serious marketing people. (more…)

Survey Concludes: Stupidity Abounds

Way, way too many/much MARKETING

Every October our Community polls members about What’s Right & Wrong INSIDE (the Community) and OUTSIDE (their own marketplace). Not surprisingly, for the third year in a row the #1 Outside Concern was that there is just TOO MANY marketing choices [ONLINE] … (more…)

Stamp Out Prospecting

Wasting Valuable Time Lead-Chasing

One of the biggest complaints we hear from members is that LEADS really can be a giant pain the rump! Sure, everyone has a solid CRM program but “all” that does is create…LEADS. 

So, what so bad about leads? Are they the supposed “lifeblood” of every business? To an extent perhaps, but there’s more to the story! (more…)

Most Marketers Don’t Get It

The Business of Marketing is Overrun with Amateurs

Everyone knows that the Internet is responsible for spawning more so-called entrepreneurs than anything else in history. The are now untold millions of instant marketers clamoring for their piece of this multi-trillion dollar industry. And, it goes without saying that everyone of them is an expert! (Just ask them.)


Building a Business Case

Before Starting Any Project


Over the decades your author has been involved with thousands of SMB projects, representing business owners, buyers, sellers, advisors, and even some lending institutions. Amazingly, the more things changes; the more they stay the same!


Vanishing Marketing Fees

Per Member Vote Last October members get to vote annually on Major Changes that they would like to see happen in the following year. Our Exec Comm spends considerable time reviewing S&R (Suggestions & Recommendations) to isolate the Best of the Best in November & December. Usually there’s a few “must do” items that will be enacted the following year or else be shelved for a future vote during the next October vote…


Email WAS the Killer App

Rest in Peace Email


If you spent a good deal of time online you already know that things keep getting worse, don’t you? Take email marketing. Is there a day that goes by without unwanted, unrequested and meaningless messages [SPAM by any other name] fill your inbox?